Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A bit of this and a bit of that

Back in February, we took a little trip to Kingman Arizona to visit my sister. On our way back, we stopped at the always impressive Hoover Dam.
coming home photo IMG_0981.jpg

coming home photo IMG_0980.jpg

Here's a bit of fun.  My daughter saved all her money up for several weeks so that she could buy this $5 hand weight--all so that our friend puppy could have a seat belt. Sometimes I could almost die from the cuteness.
cominghome photo IMG_0887.jpg

My shuffle bit the dust, so I got a new one, and spent the better part of a weekend loading it with some of my favorite tracks off of my CD collection. Kind of eclectic--but isn't everyone's CD collection that way?
1-random photo IMG_1167.jpg

How I love my mountains.
1-random photo IMG_0731.jpg

And this girl in front of my mountains.
1-random photo IMG_0726.jpg

Does this seem unfair to anyone else besides me?
1-random photo IMG_1419.jpg

Mother-Daughter reading time by the heater.
1-random photo IMG_1395.jpg

T-Bird and proud.
1-random photo IMG_1398.jpg

Just a random little love note. "Sometimes it's funner with friends"
1-random photo IMG_1562.jpg

Just a little bit of fun--this is on a wall (hidden away from customers) in the Lumberyard.
random photo IMG_2109.jpg

Back in March, the little girl got a rock dropped on her foot accidentally, courtesy of one of her cousins. Let me say that again--it was a TOTAL accident. Nothing that a bit of ibuprofen and a bandaid couldn't fix. However, the cousin and his mom felt so badly about it that they offered her a free pedicure once her foot had completely healed. And then, they offered me one as well. It was a fun fun afternoon to be sure.
1arandom photo IMG_20150514_140603152.jpg

Back in March or April or so, I chanced to be taking my morning walk by the temple and decided to take a few pictures, to go along with the winter pictures I took in January.
random photo IMG_1822.jpg

random photo IMG_1798.jpg

random photo IMG_1819.jpg

random photo IMG_1813.jpg

random photo IMG_1795.jpg

random photo IMG_1796.jpg

random photo IMG_1824.jpg

random photo IMG_1788.jpg

random photo IMG_1809.jpg

And that's what we have for today.

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