Saturday, May 02, 2015

Stumped for mother's day? I've got you covered.

So, last year for Mother's Day, we tried something new with our gifts, and found that they were appreciated quite a bit.  So, since I took a few pictures along the way, I thought I'd share it all with you.

First of all, we sat down as a family wrote down some words and phrases that we felt best described four of the mothers who bless our lives. I later took these words to wordle, and created two or three collages for each of them, with different fonts and different colors. There was really no need to make more than one collage for each mother, but I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I went ahead and wasted the printer ink to have more choices.

 photo IMG_7128.jpg

Because my own mother doesn't live near enough for us to hand-deliver her mother's day present, her gift mostly stopped here. We picked out the collage that we liked best, taped it to some chip board, and each of us signed the back of it. Then I put it in a manilla envelope and sent it off.

Not realizing that I was going to want to share this process with the world, I didn't take pictures of this step.

Either my mom absolutely loved her collage to pieces, or she was totally lying to me when I called her on the actual day of mothers. I'm gonna go with the former.

As to the others, a few days before Mothers Day, we broke out the paints, and got to work on embellishing our creations that would be hand-delivered.
 photo IMG_7137.jpg

We took some 11x17 cardstock that I had on hand, and once I had trimmed it to the size I liked, we did a watercolor wash over the whole thing. Once that was dry, I traced around the wordle on the cardstock and called upon the girls to paint the "frame"

 photo IMG_7116.jpg

Some of the girls chose to start work on new Mothers Day Projects as well.
 photo IMG_7104.jpg

 photo IMG_7120.jpg

It was all very exciting.
 photo IMG_7115.jpg

 photo IMG_7105.jpg

And necessitated much concentration.
 photo IMG_7126.jpg

 photo IMG_7127.jpg

When our frames were done we hung them up to dry. . .
 photo IMG_7109.jpg

and when they were dry, we pasted our collages to the frame.
 photo IMG_7130.jpg

 photo IMG_7132.jpg

Seriously, what mother could resist something so splendid?
 photo IMG_7129.jpg

None of ours, that's for sure.


Donna said...

I was lucky enough to get one, and I loved it!

Jamie Younker said...

Lovely! And holy cow that picture of Noelle's excited face is cracking me up!

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