Friday, April 24, 2015

I always knew I liked that Lindsey.

This story happened awhile ago. I'm obviously not up-to-date on the ole blog here.

For Eric's birthday (last November) , his brother sent him a box of Yoda Christmas lights. They came straight from Target, and when I opened the box, not realizing that they came from Scott, I rolled my eyes and immediately peppered Eric with questions as to why on earth had he ordered Yoda lights from Target?

Upon learning that they were a gift (and therefore not a waste of good money that could better be used to purchase yarn or airline tickets), the lights immediately became much more of a treasure in my eyes, and we determined to put them up outside on our Christmas Bush (which, as you might remember, is the only portion of our exterior that gets Christmas decor).

aaa photo yoda.jpg

Little did I know how well that decision would turn out for me.

I posted the above picture on Instagram:

'Cuz nothing says "holiday cheer" like a Yoda Bush in front of your home! #crackingupweare#thosecrazycantwells #thanksscottie @linzcantwell

And in so doing, learned that Lindsey (Scott's wife) was quite impressed that we would decorate our home, and even outside our home where any yahoo driving by could see with Yoda lights. 

linzcantwellLove the lights. I'm totally impressed you put them up and outside at that! Scott is laughing hysterically!

She was so impressed with my wifely forbearance in this matter, she apparently decided that I should be rewarded.

So, this is what Lindsey & Scott (but really just Lindsey) gave us (but really just me) for Christmas:
 photo IMG_0400.jpg

You might remember that Eric is not a fan of The Willow Tree. You might be interested to know that there was some good-natured ribbing that went back and forth between Lindsey and Eric when this gift was received, unpacked, and set up. However, I think we all know that this particular set will now have a permanent place in our Christmas decor.

That Lindsey, she's got my back.

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