Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the staff of life

Sometimes, when I'm making the ubiquitous (around our house at least) Peasant Bread, instead of forming them into circular rounds, I roll half of the dough into "sticks" and put them in these pans.

quirky bread photo IMG_0698.jpg

These pans belonged to my grandmother*. She had like six or seven of them (maybe more), and once a week or so, she'd get out her KitchenAid and make a big batch of bread, usually several loafs and/or a whole bunch of bread sticks. She'd rip those sticks into smaller bits and we'd eat them with Sunday dinner when we were visiting their Salt Lake home. I grew up thinking of them as grandma's version of rolls.

I remember at her funeral, someone (her Bishop maybe?) spoke about how Jean Willis was always showing up at people's houses with bread sticks to spread comfort, healing, or love.

When my aunts and uncles divvied up my grandparent's possessions, my mom ended up with a bunch of these tins, and she gave each of the daughters and daughters-in-law a set for Christmas that year. I'll admit, there are times when I forget that I have them, but sooner or later they make their way up to the front of my cupboard, and then they make their way to the counter, and into the oven.

And as I fill them with delicious dough, I think of my grandma.

* * *

And now for a helpful hint:

Over the Christmas break, when we were hanging out with family, we decided to get all of us together for the evening. Now that we're a big group, if we're going to be together over a mealtime it can take a little bit of planning to get us all fed. We decided on soup, and Krista whipped up these breadsticks like she was born to do it.

She used this recipe from Our Best Bites, and just skipped the twisting bit.

quirky bread photo IMG_0570.jpg

They were delicious.

Absolutely, mouthwateringly, smile enticingly delicious.

*Actually, according to my mom, the tins originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother, Lucy Grant Cannon, and she had had them specially made by a local tinsmith back in the day.

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The Suzzzz said...

I love those baguette pans, genius!

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