Thursday, February 26, 2015

spectacles--or "am I really that old?"

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Remember this?

Almost two years ago, I wrote a glowing review on some glasses that we were able to get for Eric. Among a bunch of witty commentary and far more pictures of Eric than were necessary, I said the following regarding my lasik surgery of January 2000, and how it had made eyeglasses a thing of the past for me.

Eric is a big glasses person.  He wears them every day.  Also, of the two of us, it is Eric who is more particular about style, comfort, and fashion than I am.  So, rather than telling Firmoo to jump in a lake because glasses were so far in my rear view window that I never wanted to think about them again, I asked if we could get a pair for Eric instead, and write a review on those.


You know that sign in the rear view mirror that they always post? This one?

Guess who had her annual eye exam last month and learned that she was back to needing glasses?

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That's right.  Me.

Honestly, it didn't come as a big surprise. I mean, I've been squinting at concerts and street signs (at night) for awhile now. The big "uh-oh" came in December though, when Heather and I were at the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert together. We were in the balcony, and Heather asked me to read to her the promotional materials that were projected on the two large screens mounted on either side of the stage. I couldn't do it. As I inwardly cursed whoever it was that chose to put those materials up in minuscule print, this twenty-something whippersnapper sitting next to Heather helpfully piped up and read the whole thing with ease. Sigh.

(So far I only use them for night driving and shopping and evenings at the (a-hem) thee-at-ah. If I wear them at the computer or while trying to read or whatever, my aging eyes can't make the jump with the new prescription and I end up having to take them off to see anyway. Bifocals are probably in my future, but not yet in my present, thankfully.)

Anyway, once I had my new prescription in my hot little hand, I e-mailed my friends at and asked if they'd send me another pair of glasses that I could review. Tina e-mailed me back within a day and said that would be fine. I went through the same process as we did with Eric, but this time I went the extra step of uploading my picture into the website so that I could virtually "try on" each pair of glasses that interested me. I sent in my order and a week later a beautiful case filled with glasses, repair kit, and polishing fabric arrived.

I liked them so much that I ordered another pair, just so I could keep one in the car at all times. They were running a 30% off select frames special at the time, and so even though I didn't get this second pair free, it only cost me $36.35 shipped, which for prescription glasses, seemed pretty close to free to me.

Here's a shot of that pair:
quirky firmoo photo IMG_0837.jpg

Once again, I've been pleased with the glasses, pleased with the service, pleased with the price. Just lots of satisfaction going on over here.

So, no pressure or anything, but if you're interested, Firmoo has re-opened their "first pair free" program, where you can order a pair of glasses for the cost of shipping only, no strings attached. They'd probably cost you something like $10 in that case, which for a pair of sturdy glasses is a pretty good deal.

And in case you were wondering, Eric's still wearing his same pair from two years ago, and has no complaints. So, there's that too.

Next up--a video of a fabulous way to de-seed a pomegranate that most of you have probably already seen three or four times by now. You'll want to see that again, right? Tune in next week!

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