Sunday, February 22, 2015

how to spend a beautiful morning

Shortly after Christmas, Eric and I arranged to have our friend come and watch Heather on a cold Saturday morning for a few hours while we went to the temple.

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0649.jpg

Unfortunately, we forgot to check the temple schedule and we soon learned that the temple was in fact, closed for it's semi-annual cleaning on the day that we chose to go.

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0653.jpg

Fortunately, it was a gorgeous frosty day (one of the few of the winter as it turned out). So, we had a nice walk around the temple, followed by some shopping and hanging out together, since we already had the babysitter worked out and everything, you know?

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0654.jpg

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0633.jpg

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0643.jpg

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0634.jpg

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0637.jpg

quirky 2-15 photo IMG_0646.jpg

Man, I love where I live.

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