Saturday, January 24, 2015

Random Greatness

A bit ago, I downloaded all the photos from my iPad to my laptop, and then to photobucket. Some of them tickled me just enough or in just the right way as to convince me that they needed to be shared here.

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen most of these already, but if not, then here are the greatest hits of Charlotte's iPad:

 photo 38EDC254-734F-4934-A15F-9295556FAD17.jpg
From ShaLiece. Makes me miss Cedar City

 photo 07775A60-82AA-4213-A083-7D76E1281F0C.jpg
The day I bought rum at the state liquor store and started the process of making my own vanilla.
(Jury is still out on this one, verdict coming soon-probably in March or so)

 photo 85E78499-4C15-4637-9087-A21B3E998D2D.jpg
Heather and I made our own salt dough nativity while listening to October General Conference.

 photo B0C1D785-CD26-4BF2-B581-D376A8AB744C.jpg
This was the summer and fall where Marilee became a prolific and generous mouse catcher and giver.

 photo B2571007-FDDE-4D15-8D1F-E7C43765A185.jpg
Thankfully, Eric shouldered the vast majority of the clean-up of Marilee's handiwork.

 photo 660E3007-0FD8-4A49-9D71-6B40B3BE4831.jpg
Speaking of Eric . . .
(what a gem.)

 photo B10EAE14-AF2C-424E-8C74-19C6CF2D4016.jpg
And finally, two girls playing "Annie" in our backyard. Like, seriously. They were singing, "It's a hard knock life" while scrubbing the cemented back patio and having a grand time doing it.


The Suzzzz said...

The salt dough nativity set is adorable. On your homemade vanilla, did you slice open your bean pods before putting them in the rum?

Charlotte said...

I didn't slice them open, but I did cut the ends off of them.

I basically followed the instructions here:

Carol said...

My sister lives in Hawai'i and we have a plethora of Vanilla Beans from there. We love our homemade vanilla - but we use vodka. My family thinks the rum adds too much flavor.

On another note - the Hard Knock Life picture is hilarious! Heather is destined to good things with that in her background!

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