Monday, December 01, 2014

Temples by Tourists

Long ago, a friend of mine suggested that whenever I see a temple, I take a picture of it (or more than one picture of it), so that if I wanted, I could have a temple gallery wall in my home with pictures that I'd taken.

As it turns out, I do have a small gallery of about five temple pictures that I hang at the top of our staircase. The temples rotate in and out a little bit, though there are some that are always there, either because I just think they are really pretty (The Salt Lake Temple) or because they hold extra special meaning to our family (The Logan Temple).

So, although not all the temple pictures that I take get a spot in my home, I'm in the habit of taking temple pictures whenever I see a temple. And, lucky for me, in the past two months, I've chanced to see three new (to me) temples. What a treat.

Here are a few of the photos that I've taken in my recent travels:

Rexburg Idaho Temple
(taken during our Yellowstone Adventure)

 photo IMG_9465.jpg

 photo IMG_9469.jpg

 photo IMG_9462.jpg

 photo IMG_9473.jpg

 photo IMG_9461.jpg

Idaho Falls Temple
(Taken on our way home from our Yellowstone Adventure)

 photo IMG_9532.jpg

 photo IMG_9534.jpg

 photo IMG_9529.jpg

 photo IMG_9525.jpg

 photo IMG_9524.jpg

Newport Beach Temple
(Taken in connection with a trip we took to Disneyland last month)

 photo IMG_0055.jpg

 photo IMG_0065.jpg

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Carol said...

Love the pictures - those are some impressive buildings. The one at Newport has become a favorite of mine because I think it beautifully reflects the work done there and the culture of the community.


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