Friday, November 14, 2014

A Star-Studded Farewell to our Chinese Lion Correspondent

So, after several years abroad,  Cherie is now back in the USA, living in her beautiful home nestled in a gorgeous valley with views of some of my favorite mountains.


However, what that means dear friends, is that we will no longer be treated to monthly or bi-monthly installments of Chinese lions.


Fortunately, in anticipation of this coming event, Cherie went all out and gave us a Chinese lion extravaganza for today. So, let's sit back, start scrolling, and enjoy this little treat. It will probably be our last.

 photo cherielion.jpg
Baohua National Forest Park

 photo hotellions.jpg
Lions in front of a hotel in Old Town, Lijiang, China - Yunnan Province

 photo citywall.jpg
Old Town, Lijiang, China - Yunnan Province

 photo photo5.jpg
At Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Province, China

 photo photo33.jpg
Red Lion in Lijiang, China

 photo photo7.jpg
Maqun in Nanjing, China

 photo photo25.jpg
At the entrance to the Black Dragon Pool Park in Lijiang, China
(Recognize anyone, Kami?)

 photo photo42.jpg
Old Town

 photo photo51.jpg
Lijiang City, Yunnan, China

 photo photo4-1.jpg
Lion at the entrance to the Naxi Family Restaurant in Lijiang, China

 photo lion.jpg
In Old Town, Yunnan Province, China

 photo photo6.jpg
Lion at Mao Shan Mountain, China

 photo lanelion.jpg
Lion at Painters Street in Shanghai, China
 photo photo31.jpg
Lions guarding the entry way to the Mu Mansion in Lijiang, China

1 comment:

Carol said...

Well, I for one will miss the additions - but it is always good to have friends return home. Thanks for sharing - those are some beautiful lions!

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