Thursday, October 30, 2014

a bunch of cheerful, peaceful, grateful joy

For Labor Day this year, I experienced a really marvelous treat. I traveled down to Farmington, Utah, where I sat on a barstool and sang romantic-ish folk songs for two hours while well-wishers congratulated a couple that I love dearly and deeply admire. It was a celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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Scott and Marilyn moved into our Cedar City neighborhood while I was in middle school, bringing with them three sons. One of those boys was Jeff, a boy in my grade in school, and we became friends; attending church together, eventually running on the Cross-Country team together, going to Proms together, teasing one another, etc. Marilyn and Scott became friends with my parents, and Jeff's younger brother Jonathan became friends with my younger brother Jacob.

It was this friendship that caused me ultimate mortification when Jacob told Jonathan that I had a crush on his brother Jeff. I can't imagine what had ever possessed thirteen-year-old me to tell eight-year-old Jacob this piece of ultra-sensitive information, but knowing that Jeff knew my shameful secret that I "LIKED-liked him" (as opposed to just "liked" him) caused me an internal embarrassment that took me at least a full year to overcome. 

At any rate, since Jeff ended up floating in and out of my tween- and teen-hood, I was able to observe Scott and Marilyn a little more than might have otherwise been the case. And then, as we got older and Jeff married none other than Harmony, one of my dear girlfriends and someone I had looked up to nearly since the day I met her, I was still able to observe Scott & Marilyn, albeit from a distance.

In light of all that observing, I feel that I have a leg to stand on in saying that Scott and Marilyn are salt-of-the-earth people, which is about the highest compliment that I give. They are classy, down-to-earth, kind people. I feel blessed to know them.

At one point in the evening, as I was taking a break and talking with Harmony, I looked around the room, a room full of people I didn't even know, and remarked how happy it all felt. You know how different events and different people carry with them different feelings? How the same room can light up with excitement and electricity or flicker into gloom and despair, all dependent on the people, words, the actions that inhabit that space? Well, what was emanating from that room that night was a bunch of cheerful, peaceful, grateful joy. 

If you ask me, it was a completely fitting testament to two lives lived together well. 

(See, I told you it was a really marvelous treat!)

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Harmony said...

Aw Charlotte, you are so nice. Thank you for the sweet words. It was a treat to have you there, and to enjoy your talents. That cheerful, peaceful, grateful joy would have been less without you! Oh, and by the way, Jeff doesn't remember being told that you had a crush on him, so you can let go of that mortification. :)

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