Friday, September 12, 2014

Zoo Lions, City Lions, International Lions. We've got it all!!

Heidi and Eden are the major contributors to this lion collection, but we do have a few cameos from by Lyn & Cherie.

 photo 1924331_811911645494480_2053956426764364478_n.jpg
Hogle Zoo

 photo 10502077_811911612161150_7820124840016947800_n.jpg
extra ZANY at Hogle Zoo!

 photo heidihawaiilion.jpg

 photo lionshand3.jpg

 photo lynogdenlion.jpg
Ogden (Thanks, Lyn!)

 photo photo3.jpg
 Ma Shan Tai Hu, the Big Buddha Statue (China)--Thanks Cherie!

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