Friday, July 25, 2014

China and Germany

Here's some more lions for our viewing pleasure:

First from China:
 photo photo3-1.jpg

 photo photo23.jpg

 photo photo12-1.jpg

 photo photo22-1.jpg
Funny story--that lady on the right is an aunt to my friend Kami. The lady in the middle is my friend Cherie. The two of them have been palling around in China for awhile now, and neither Kami nor I made the connection until a picture featuring the two of them showed up on this blog. Fun times.

 photo photo2-1.jpg

 photo photo1-1.jpg
Kinda makes me want to get a picture of me and Kami in front of a stone lion and send it to them!

 photo cherielion.jpg

 photo photo13.jpg

And Germany:
(Berlin, to be exact)
 photo harmonylion.jpg

 photo harmonylion2.jpg

Danke (to Harmony)

(to Cherie) 

And Thank you to Google for giving me 
the Chinese Characters for "Thank 
And don't ask me why this formatting is this way. I have no idea.

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