Friday, June 13, 2014

a whole lotta stone ROAR!

Where do I come up with these catchy titles, you ask? Why out of my brilliant head of course! Pure creative genius right here! 

So, my mom & dad spent Easter visiting my sister in Kingman, Arizona. While there, she found these two majestic lions guarding a home in a nice subdivision: photo momlion3.jpg

 photo momlion5.jpg

 photo momlion4.jpg

And then, she found two more lions, guarding a pretty seedy motel. Cracks me up!
 photo momlion2.jpg

 photo momlion6.jpg

 photo momlion.jpg

My cousin Juliana recently took a girls-only trip to St. Louis, where she found these giant lions guarding the front of the Bannister House at St. Louis University.

 photo Juliannalions2.jpg

 photo Juliannalions3.jpg

I love them.
 photo juliannalions.jpg

Heidi sent this lion our way recently. It is from a friend of hers who just moved to China. Nice gold, doncha think?
 photo heidilion.jpg

And then, Heidi pointed out this classicly awesome lion at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. A great many of us have had our head in that stone lion, no?
 photo hjklion.jpg

And finally, Lyn rides a lion at the Colorado Springs Zoo.
 photo lynlion.jpg

Thanks to all of you lion seekers! You crack me up and brighten my days. I can't thank you enough for humoring me in my fun little game.

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