Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Photo Friday-days gone by edition

Unless you are a Corry, or have a fascination with old photos, you will probably want to skip this one.

Awhile back, one of my cousins (she's my father's first cousin, which makes her my first cousin once removed if you really want to know the whole story) posted these and some other photos on facebook.

I love them

They include photos of my great aunts and great uncles, people that are almost all gone now, people that I remember as sparkly-eyed but wrinkled, fun-loving but grey-haired, beaten-around (in some cases) but hopeful.

So, it's fun to see them here, long before I was even thought of, sparkly eyed, fun loving, and hopeful, with smooth skin, brown and blonde hair, and perhaps a bit more naivete than was the case when we became acquainted all those years later.

I want to keep a record of these photos where I can easily find them, and it seems to me that this is as good a place as any, and better than most.

So--In no particular order, here they are!

 photo corry7.jpg
Cousin Pat, Great-Aunt Ruth, Cousin Martin, Great-Aunt Beth 

 photo elwoodcorryfamily3.jpg
Front to Back, Left to Right: Aunt Liz, Cousin Sylvia, Great-Aunt Zona, Cousin Suzanne, Great-Uncle Lloyd, Uncle E.J., Uncle E.J.'s friend, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kris, Grandma Iris Corry, Uncle Norman, Aunt Ruth. This picture looks like it was taken at Uncle Scott's house, which is where my brother Robert lives now.

 photo corry6.jpg
Cousin Suzanne with her dad, my Great Uncle Lloyd. He died before I was born, but he was a great friend to my dad when he (my dad) he was a teenager.

 photo emcorry.jpg
Front: Great Aunt Inez, Aunt Kristine, Cousin Pat, Aunt Judy, Uncle Steve, Aunt Beth
Back: Great Uncle Mel, Great Uncle Lloyd, Grandpa Corry holding my dad (who is pulling Aunt Inez's hair, that little rascal), Grandma Florence Corry, Great Aunt Ruth, Great Aunt Elma, Great Grandmother Abish Corry, Cousin Martin, and Great Aunt Virginia

 photo corry3.jpg
Grandpa Corry, Grandma Iris Corry, Aunt Liz, and my dad

 photo elwoodcorryfamily.jpg
Possibly my favorite of the whole bunch! I love seeing this side of my father's family--so young, such good friends, so similar to how I think of my own sibling relationships.
Uncle Steve, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kris, Aunt Liz, Uncle Norman, Aunt Judy, my dad.

 photo elwoodcorryfamily2.jpg
Uncle Jeff, Uncle E.J., Aunt Liz

 photo mellloydmartin.jpg
Great Uncle Mel, Great Uncle Lloyd, Cousin Martin (At the time of Martin's death, he had been the recipient of numerous awards pertaining to his work as a physician and advocate for abused and neglected children. He was quite respected and deservedly so, but I just thought of him as the man who could make the best Donald Duck voice at the Corry Reunion. His silliness in this photo reminds me of that side of Martin, and warms my heart.)

 photo ruthscott.jpg
Great Aunt Ruth and Great Uncle Scott--they were like a third set of grandparents to me.

 photo emcorry2.jpg
Front: Great Uncle Lloyd, Uncle Jeff (maybe), Great Aunt Beth, Aunt Liz, Aunt Kristine, the eyes of some man I don't recognize, my dad.
Back: Great Aunt Ruth, Grandma Iris Corry, Grandpa Corry, two women I don't recognize, Aunt Judy

Friday, June 13, 2014

a whole lotta stone ROAR!

Where do I come up with these catchy titles, you ask? Why out of my brilliant head of course! Pure creative genius right here! 

So, my mom & dad spent Easter visiting my sister in Kingman, Arizona. While there, she found these two majestic lions guarding a home in a nice subdivision: photo momlion3.jpg

 photo momlion5.jpg

 photo momlion4.jpg

And then, she found two more lions, guarding a pretty seedy motel. Cracks me up!
 photo momlion2.jpg

 photo momlion6.jpg

 photo momlion.jpg

My cousin Juliana recently took a girls-only trip to St. Louis, where she found these giant lions guarding the front of the Bannister House at St. Louis University.

 photo Juliannalions2.jpg

 photo Juliannalions3.jpg

I love them.
 photo juliannalions.jpg

Heidi sent this lion our way recently. It is from a friend of hers who just moved to China. Nice gold, doncha think?
 photo heidilion.jpg

And then, Heidi pointed out this classicly awesome lion at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. A great many of us have had our head in that stone lion, no?
 photo hjklion.jpg

And finally, Lyn rides a lion at the Colorado Springs Zoo.
 photo lynlion.jpg

Thanks to all of you lion seekers! You crack me up and brighten my days. I can't thank you enough for humoring me in my fun little game.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Random Photo Friday - Where's Waldo edition

Last December, there was a period of about a day and a half when Eric, Heather, and I were in the same town with all my siblings, nieces, nephews, and parents. So, naturally, we all put on our red and black and  white and gray Sunday clothes, and tromped down to Southern Utah University to get our pictures taken while sitting on snow-covered rocks.

 photo familyphoto.jpg

We've had family pictures in the past (many many times), but this time around for some reason, it feels a little different to me. It's a bigger treat this time around to look at this group of people--a huge group, honestly, and realize that every single one of them holds a significant piece of my heart within them. That's not a small thing, you know?

* * *

And now, just for fun, here's a little walk down the memory lane of the Bob & Barbara Corry Family:

 photo family1.jpg

 photo family11.jpg
One fabulous kid

 photo family2.jpg
Two kids

 photo family5.jpg
Three kids (and homeowners for the first time)

 photo family10.jpg
Four kids on Uncle Steve's couch

 photo family3-1.jpg
Five kids in front of the church on a Sunday afternoon

 photo family9.jpg
Six kids preparing for the oldest son to leave on a mission

And then, as a reminder . . .
 photo familyphoto.jpg
Six kids, six spouses, and twenty-two grandchildren (only twenty-one shown here--the picture was outdated before we were even able to get prints made up.)

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