Thursday, May 01, 2014

'cuz we haven't talked about Readers Digest in awhile

A week or so ago I was trying to eek out a few more minutes of morning sleep while Heather thumbed through my copy of Readers Digest. From time to time she would mention some interesting tidbit or another about the page she was on. Finally she turned to an article about a small town in Spain where everyone became millionaires by winning the lottery. The article featured a photo of a city of gold. This photo, actually:

 photo gold.jpg

As she looked at the photo, she said in an awed voice, "Look at all that gold! I really want all that gold!"

As I reluctantly started to rouse myself from my sleep so that I could give her a lecture on the evils of lusting after gold, she continued on, saying,

Then I could go around to every one and say, "You want some gold?  Here you go!"

Relieved, I fell back asleep for a good ten more minutes. Whew!


Harmony said...

I think you must be raising her right Charlotte!

Katie said...

That is SO awesome! Thank you, Heather for making my evening a little better. It is better than getting your gold.

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