Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Un Monton de Leones

So, Lyn went to Mexico City recently and got a bunch of lions for us. Que Fantastico!

 photo mexicolion2.jpg

 photo mexicolion3.jpg

 photo mexicolion9.jpg

 photo mexicolion10.jpg

 photo mexicolion8.jpg

 photo mexicolion7.jpg

 photo mexicolion.jpg

 photo mexicolion13.jpg

 photo mexicolion11.jpg

 photo mexicolion6.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico9.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico8.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico7.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico4.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico2.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico6.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico.jpg

 photo mexicolion5.jpg

 photo mexicolion12.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico5.jpg

 photo lynlioninmexico3.jpg

 photo mexicolion4.jpg

And then Cherie got us a few more from China:

 photo photo3.jpg

 photo photo2.jpg

 photo photo4.jpg

 photo photo1-1.jpg

And then Aubrey went all the way to Palm Springs to get us this one!
(and she threw in her husband and darling baby girl into the mix as well)

 photo palmsprings.jpg

Which means . . . . (drum roll)

We have a new Seeker of Stone Lions!

Congratulations Aubrey--wear your new distinction with pride.


Aubrey said...

I feel my buttons bursting with pride to hold such an honor! I can't wait to share my badge!

Katie said...

The magnitude of the stone lion population is really hitting me now. How many are there out there?! And what makes someone want to make a stone lion??? It's just odd.

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