Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Alma 37:6

Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass . . .

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I took this picture quite awhile ago, on a Saturday morning in November.  On this particular day, we had three different neighbor families that were moving. Eric had gone with several of the other neighbors to help move boxes and bookshelves, bed frames and sofas. I was home with Heather and a few of her dear friends, doing my part to keep girls out of the hair of their mother, a mother who was very much needed in the move.

After about an hour, Eric came home, a half-eaten donut in his hand. He grabbed a drink of milk from the fridge and headed back outside. Apparently, there was more moving to be done. I watched as the band of moving boys (men--technically anyway) converged on a home very close to our own, and, wanting to remember the moment for some reason, took a picture of a mattress making its way to the pile of furniture which was waiting to be placed in the horse-trailer-come-moving-van.

I smiled in genuine contentment, turned, and finished setting up the individualized movie tents for my temporary brood.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It was a small thing, a really small thing. How hard is it, after all, to set up a bunch of pillows and blankets, and throw in a DVD or tune Netflix to an appropriate option? Not hard at all. For Eric it was a slightly more strenuous thing, but even so, it was about an hour and a half out of his day, an hour and a half of exercise and donut-eating, and joking. Not a bad gig, really.

So, not a big deal for me or Eric. But, I've moved before. I've laid in bed, churning my stomach with the OCD-tinged agony of how on earth am I going to get all my worldly possessions from this place to that place with nothing but my scrawny arms and my RAV4? I've needed help with my child before as well.  Heck, I need help with my child every week. Our family wouldn't even resemble what it is without the multiple helping hands that pitch in to care for, teach, and love our girl the way they do.

I guess for that reason, and for a few more, I feel it's important to do the small things, and not to feel bad if we aren't asked or able to do the big things. After all, you never know when something small to you will end up being something huge to someone else.

And even if it doesn't, I'm a firm believer that no good is ever lost.

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Amanda said...

It was no small thing, and given the month that followed, it was much needed. You are a fantastic friend, and wonderful mother. So glad we all have you!

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