Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the best kind of crisis

I remember the first time my dad bought a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I was probably in the second grade, and he got a green and white truck. We had gotten ourselves stuck the previous summer (if I remember right) cutting wood for the winter, and neither my father's nor my uncle's 2WD trucks were able to get us free for several hours. I don't remember how we ended up getting off the mountain that day, but it seemed like it wasn't much longer until dad bought himself the first of a long line of four-wheel drive trucks.

I specifically remember riding around in this truck with my dad and brother. Dad would turn to Bobby and say, "What do you think? Should we drive up the side of that building?" My brother would agree enthusiastically, and I would giggle nervously, wondering if we really would go driving up the side of the building.

Like many Cedarians, we're lovers of the mountains, and it's a rare mountain road that is completely passable at all times and in all weather. In light of that, it's no surprise that over the years, our family vehicles have included 4-wheel drive trucks, 4-wheel drive Suburbans, 4-wheel drive Durangos, 4-wheel drive Yukons, and even an all-wheel drive van for awhile. However, the one 4-wheel drive vehicle that my dad always always wanted, but never bought, for practicality reasons (and because my mom would have killed him), was a Jeep.

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The thing is, when you've got a wife and six kids, a Jeep just isn't going to cut it. You can't fit the family in it, you can't haul anything around in it, and the gas mileage isn't nearly low enough to justify it as your "run around town all by yourself" car.

Until you are a 60+ empty nester, that is.

Bob Corry fans, I introduce you to the fulfillment of a forty-year dream:
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Look at that smile. This is a happy guy, make no mistake.

I think it's awesome. As long as I can remember, my dad has wanted a Jeep, and for some reason, it gives me a real sense of satisfaction to know that he finally has one. All the same, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to gently tease my frugal father about shelling out the money for something that's quite a bit less practical than is his usual.

When I did, he sheepishly smiled and said, 
"Maybe it's my mid-life crisis."

I can handle that. My retired papa only mid-way through his life? Works for me.


loveland9 said...

Love it!!

Harmony said...

He deserves it!

Juliana Wallace said...

Way to go, Uncle Bob!

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