Thursday, January 02, 2014

Our out-and-about listening lately

So, just for randomness . . .

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A while back I picked up these two books at the library. I was looking for something for Heather and I to listen to while we were riding around town, and something for me to listen to when I was alone in the car, or with Eric.

I'll let you guess which one satisfied which situation..

I highly recommend Stelleluna. Adorable story, well read, a few extra bat stories thrown in for good measure. We listened to it again and again.

As for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it absolutely cracked me up at first, and I found it interesting and entertaining. But, about the time when Mr Darcy writes Elizabeth the letter explaining the reasons for his treatment of Mr. Wickam, I kind of started to lose interest for some reason. Maybe all the Zombie talk grew old at that point? I'm not sure. So, I recommend it for a good laugh, particularly if you can borrow it or something, but I don't necessarily recommend it for a purchase. Also, if you tend to be on the squeamish side (mom) and don't care to hear the intricate details on how any random zombie wants nothing more than to devour brains, brains, brains?  Well, this might be one you want to skip.

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