Monday, January 13, 2014

Family Home Evening Chart: a how-to for the Mormon Mom who is not craftily inclined (all twelve of us)

Awhile back, I decided that our current system of "me trying to remember what everyone had done for family home evening the week before so that we could all do something different in the following week" wasn't working all that well. It generally netted a frantic pull-together of a lesson by either me or Eric for one thing, and tended to make Mondays (already the most stressful day of the week) even more trying.

So, I decided that we should make a chart. Maybe something along the lines of one of these:

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And then I came back to reality, and decided that we should go a route that was a little more simple so that we would actually get it done before Heather was off to college. Additionally, I kind of wanted Heather to be able to help as well.

Here's what we came up with:

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It's a piece of butcher paper, which Heather and I painted green and blue (with our homemade watercolors). I found three suitable flower coloring pages on line, which we then colored together. I wrote out labels  for "song" "lesson" and "treat", and once the paint on the butcher paper was dry, we taped them to our "landscape", along with the flowers. Then I covered the whole thing in contact paper.

All of that was done on a Sunday afternoon. Then, the next day for family home evening we had a lesson on why family home evening is important, and why we do it.  (This article is a short compilation of some writings of President Gordon B. Hinckley on the subject, and explains it all pretty well, in my opinion.) Then we broke out the coffee filters, markers, and pipe cleaners, and each of us made our own coffee filter butterfly.

Once the butterflies were done, I cut three pieces of paper to roughly the same size of each butterfly and laminated them with contact paper. Then we taped our butterflies to the paper. Finally, I placed one velcro dot on each flower, and a corresponding dot on the back of each butterfly, and voila! A Home Evening Chart fit for Martha Mormon Stewart herself!

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"Umm, nice try Charlotte, but not even close."

Oh, I also taped two loops of an unused shoelace to the back of the chart to make for easy hanging and portability. Since it's such a fine piece of art, we don't want it hanging in our living room or anything like that, because --thieves and robbers obviously. But, when it comes time for FHE, we like to have it and hold it and play with the butterflies and use them so that we don't have to pay attention to the lesson or obey mom and dad. So, we have to be able to hang it somewhere easily hidden (in the toy closet/craft closet) and be able to take it off the wall with ease.

All told, it was a fun low-stress activity that netted a colorful functional chart for our family, and our home evenings are now a little less chaotic and a little more enjoyable. I'll take it.


Kala said...

So cute! What a wonderful idea!

Katie said...

Oh Charlotte, not only thieves, but robbers also?! My, my it is a good thing you thought of this (if for no other reason than that it makes me smile!) I'm super happy that you made your "non-crafty" fhe chart. I used something similar for years before getting a "real" one. Makes for a much better fhe!

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