Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Brain Dump - of randomness (naturally)

I'm not the rabid fan of The Biggest Loser that I once was. I'm not sure why, but it feels stale to me. I just have a hard time caring about these people and their "journey".  Maybe I care more about the "journeys" of people that I actually know in real life, and there's only so much caring to go around? Who knows?

I just ordered copies of the family picture that I'm going to insert in the Christmas cards that I got on clearance last December 26th. I went with snapfish this time.  Usually I go with Sams club, but I got a killer deal at snapfish, so there you go. They are silly, as usual, and they crack me up, as usual. Sometimes I like to think about what people say when they open our Christmas card. Do they smile with joy, crack up, or roll their eyes in resignation? Probably none of the above. It's fun to think about though.

I've been missing my Tayneshia a bit more lately. That's been a bummer.

Heather has been cracking me up more than usual lately. That's been a treat.

Eric cracks me up as well, but that's nothing new. That's like living with a treat 24/7, except for those few moments when we don't jive. So, maybe it's more like 24/6 plus 22/1. (follow that?)

I'm trying to finish up this entry at the same time as I'm trying to get a few etsy/crochet payments entered, tithed, saved, etc. Something tells me I'm going to regret this multitasking in about two weeks when I'm trying to reconcile bank accounts and things are screwy 'cuz I wasn't giving it my whole attention. And yet, on I go, fearlessly risking it all!

We set up our Christmas tree on Saturday. No trip to Cedar for Thanksgiving means that we pulled the fake one out of the attic. The fake one is rather small, which is a bummer as far as it being an impressive centerpiece of our Christmas home, but a small bit of fabulousness when I realize that I don't have to do the yearly dance of figuring out where the toy kitchen, rocking chair, and bookcase that we generally keep in the Christmas tree "spot" are going to live during December. And, it is quite nice to look at, even if it is small. I do love a Christmas tree full of meaningful ornaments.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Here's our small tree. This picture was taken 3 years ago though--so the girl is a little bigger now. 

We actually have two fake trees in the attic. One is waaaaay too big, but gorgeous. One is small and simple, which is kind of how I'm feeling about this Christmas anyway. Small, happy, and simple.

However, I jumped out of my comfort zone and actually wound some lights around our front bush. You know what that means?  Outside lights at Christmastime. My father might just disinherit me for this. After all, we are not "mess with outside lights" people. We are "drive around and look at other peoples' gorgeous outside lights" people. Fortunately, my dad loves me, so I imagine I'll be okay for now. You never know about other years though. You know what they say, One year it's lights on a bush, and the next year you are breaking your neck trying to get lights to go around your chimney (or in our case, natural gas exhaust pipe).

Maybe I'd better take those lights off the bush before it's too late.

As soon as I'm done with these etsy deposits, that is.


Katie said...

Somehow, I feel I've been missing out all these years because I actually live near you and see you and don't get your Christmas card. . . . Hmm, Christmas card, real life, Christmas card, real life. . . . I think I'm good.

Julie said...

I feel the same way about biggest loser. It has gotten kind of old, especially the weigh in part. Can't wait for your card!

Jeri said...

I LOVE your card every year! this year was no exception!

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