Monday, November 11, 2013

Honey Taffy

Have you noticed that this blog has been getting even more random than usual lately?

Like, it's basically a bunch of recipes, with lions thrown in from time to time, and then an occasional travelogue, random picture, or deep thought by Charlotte?

There's a reason for that. The thing is, I've become less comfortable having so many pictures of my daughter and details about her in such a public place, and so I've been putting nearly everything that involves her at all over on a private blog that I created for that purpose. So, things are quieter over here, and that's by design. 

Just in case you were wondering.

* * *

A bit ago, on a rare empty Sunday afternoon, I was looking through my cookbook, and I chanced by an old recipe for Honey Taffy that my grandma had, and that my family would make from time to time in my childhood. Having recently conquered my fear of candy thermometers, I decided to give it a try (Eric was taking a well-deserved afternoon nap at the time).

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Honey Taffy- my grandma's recipe

(we halved this recipe, since our pulling horsepower was limited to one mom and one kid)

2 cups sugar
1 cup honey

Mix together and cook to a crack stage when dropped in cold water.  Pour into buttered platter and cool until cool enough to handle. (when I do this next time, I'm going to use my silpat on a cookie sheet. I've read numerous places that it will keep the candy from sticking). Take a handful of taffy in buttered hands, and pull until light in color.  When cool, cut with scissors (I just whack them with the back of a table knife)  into desired pieces. Wrap up in buttered wax paper, and store in an air-tight container.

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See that dark piece back there? That's essentially the color the taffy is before it's pulled. We didn't pull that one fast enough, and it got too cold before we could get it to that pretty light color. It still tastes good, but has a little bit of a different texture to it.
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Now, these are not your basic chewy candies. They are more like hard candies, with a little bit of give to them. Also (and this is CRITICAL), you do NOT want to chew on these, as they will almost certainly pull out any fillings you may have. However, for general sucking, these are tasty, and as I (sadly) recently discovered, they also make very soothing lozenges (all that honey you know) when you have a sore throat.

My grandma also had a recipe for Vinegar Taffy that we made in my childhood. I'm thinking we'll maybe try that next. It doesn't sound all that great, but as I remember, it was pretty yummy as well, and as we learned this time, pulling taffy is a fun family activity.

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Juliana Wallace said...

The vinegar taffy is yummy, as well. Uncle Steve remembers Grandma as a champion taffy puller and, like you, I have warm memories of pulling taffy as a kid. This stuff kicks butt over the nasty chewy kind!

Harmony said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe Charlotte! I remember making this as a kid too, although I don't know if there's any history behind it in my family. I do remember it being yummy! I'll be making it with my kids soon too. :)

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