Friday, October 11, 2013

The Lion and the Unicorn

We start out today with a delightful poem/nursery rhyme, accompanied by statues that are a depiction of the words in the rhyme.  Both were sent to me by my cousin, Julie:

 photo juliedoverlions.jpg

The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown.
The lion beat the unicorn all around the town
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
And drummed them out of town

 photo juliewestminsterlion.jpg
Buckingham Palace

Then, we follow up that bit if nostalgia with even more delightful lion pictures that Julie took for us in England:

 photo julielion.jpg
Hampton Court Palace

 photo juliegoldlion.jpg
Hampton Court Palace

 photo julielion5.jpg
Buckingham Palace

 photo julielion2.jpg

 photo julielion6.jpg
Buckingham Palace

 photo julielion3.jpg

I find this next one fascinatingly funky:
 photo julielion4.jpg

And with that, we welcome Julie as our newest official member of the United Seekers of Stone Lions!

I recently came upon this beauty as well.  This is my beloved brother (or one of them), who took the time on our Alaskan Cruise to snuggle up to this guy for a photo op. I tell ya, how many people have a circle of family and friends who indulge their whims as much as I do? Hmmmm?  Lucky, that's me for sure.
 photo lionbydoug.jpg

And finally, here's one from our good friend Cherie in China--these are lions that line (no pun intended, this time at least) the stairs at Lion Gate Temple.  How cool is that?  Lion Gate Temple?? Fabulous!
 photo cherielion.jpg


Julie said...

Yay!! I'm on the blog!! I continue to seek out and explore for new stone lions.

Katie said...

Hi sister Cantwell, those are super cool pictures those stone lions are awesome!

Lia W

Charlotte said...

Thanks Lia!

Jeri said...

Welcome to the club JULIE!

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