Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Photo Friday--sneaky (devious?) parents edition

When we explained to Heather that we'd be going to Alaska and that she'd be having a week-long sleepover at Grandma's house, she wasn't exactly thrilled with the prospect. Soon though, she remembered that anytime mom and dad leave for a trip they always come back with presents. This realization changed her attitude considerably, and resulted in her giving us "Alaska present requests" several times a day.

Foremost on her Alaska wishlist was another diamond to add to her giant pink diamond that her Peter gave to her for her fourth birthday.

So, being obedient parents, and not wanting to spend all our time in Alaska stressing out about whether or not we had the perfect gift for the little miss, Eric and I took a pre-trip visit downtown.

 photo IMG_3943.jpg

Mission Accomplished.

(We ended up getting her a few other trinkets in Alaska. Unsurprisingly, the red "diamond" is by far her favorite.)


Carol said...

Hmmm - so you are apparently not worried about the shock Heather will have years down the road when she realizes her Alaska Red Diamond is not from Alaska at all! Oh, the trickiness of being a parent!

Charlotte said...

Well, I've been a little concerned about that, but I'm hoping that she'll grow up to be quite practical (like her mom is and her grandmother is), and will laugh and do the same thing to her little girl. :)

Carol said...

I have a bit of a prediction here. I think that not only will she laugh, but Heather will also hold it over you for a bit of good old family black mail! In our family, that kind of black mail leads to years of fabulous fun! Enjoy!

amy greenway said...

I ALWAYS buy kid presents ahead. What's the difference anyway? They're happy, I'm happy not being worried about getting the gift and toting it home.

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