Friday, August 23, 2013

backlogged and puttin' on the Ritz

You ready for one million stone lions???

Well good, cuz that's what I've got for you!

This guy was taken in Texas by my mom, Barbara Corry.
(You might remember a mention made of this particular lion way back in January.  All I can say about that is, better late than never.)
 photo shoppingcenterinDallas.jpg

These next five are also courtesy of my mom, taken in Arlington, Virginia.
(At the Ritz Carlton. That will become a bit of a coincidence at the end of this post, so watch for that.)
 photo RitzCarltonArlington4.jpg

 photo ArlingtonVA.jpg

 photo Ritz-CarltonArlingtonVA.jpg

 photo RitzCarltonArlingtonVa2.jpg

 photo SmallStatueinlobbyofRitz-CarltonArlingtonVA.jpg

If you look closely, you can see a lion's face here.  Here's what Barbara has to say about this picture (and why we can't see the lion all that easily)
"I was excited to see the lion face on the outside of the Lincoln Memorial, looking toward the Washington Monument.  I couldn't get closer since you're not suppose to climb on anything and it was getting dark.  Maybe someone living in DC could get a better picture (or a picture at all)."
 photo LincolnMemorial.jpg

These next two (taken from slightly different angles) are courtesy of Carol, taken outside of the Littleton Adventist hospital in the Denver Colorado area. 
 photo Bronze_Lion_1.jpg

 photo Bronze_Lion_2.jpg

These one was taken by yours truly, on our Alaskan Cruise. This is actually a shop window in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
 photo IMG_4212.jpg

These three (which are really three different shots of the same lion) were taken in Victoria as well, in Chinatown.
 photo IMG_4208.jpg

 photo IMG_4206.jpg

 photo IMG_4207.jpg

And these next few are from Cherie in China. This one is in Xi'an at the Terra Cotta Warriors
 photo photo30.jpg

This guy is in Nanjing:
 photo nanging.jpg

And this one at the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai.
 photo photo31.jpg

So so awesome. Thanks to all of you!


Julie said...

So if I take a picture of a stone lion you might post it on your blog? I assume you prefer to it be whole, not just a sculpted lion head? Do you know the nursery rhyme about the lion and the unicorn?

Charlotte said...

Julie--Yes! If you take a picture of a stone lion and send it to me, I will DEFINITELY post it on my blog! As to whole or sculpted head--I'm not particular. I just like lions, so I'll take whatever you give me!

I haven't ever heard the nursery rhyme about the lion and the unicorn. Care to enlighten me?

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