Friday, August 02, 2013

Awesome ALASKA--Love on the High Seas

(I wrote this entry on Tuesday night, but bumped it from the blog in favor of the good news about Doug's new home in Cedar City. On Wednesday I received some horrifying news - that my dear Tayneshia had suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away. I'm sure I'll eventually have something to write with respect to that, but right now my feelings are pretty raw, and I don't feel like writing much of anything. Still, I've decided to put this post up, because Tayneshia loved traveling, spending time with loved ones, and she absolutely celebrated life. So, one of the many ways I feel that I can honor her is to go on celebrating life myself, and this post reflects some of that celebration.)

* * *

A week or so before we were to leave on this amazing trip, I got thinking back over the past month or two (or four), and I realized that Eric and I hadn't been on a non-temple date together in awhile. I adore dating Eric, but finding the time to go out, then finding the sitter for Heather, then spending the money for entertainment can be a daunting task (as I'm sure many of you know better than I), and I wasn't sure I was interested in that moment in pursuing that line of thinking any further.

And then I realized that I would soon be on an eight-day date with Eric, complete with fabulous vistas, a variety of entertainment, and who knew what other delights!! 

That was a nice realization, let me tell you.

Maybe you don't remember this (or care), but the infamous Love Boat was a Princess Ship. In homage to that, they have rerun-episodes playing on the cabin televisions. Eric and I watched two and a half episodes I think, and thoroughly enjoyed the silliness/cheesiness/complete oddness of it all, until it started getting just too too annoying, at which point we stopped.

 photo loveboat.jpg

But, watching The Love Boat is far far from the only romantic adventures we experienced during the week of Alaskan joy.

--We went on what ended up being a double date with my sister and her husband--which was a first for us, and so so fun. (Bocce Ball, dancing, ocean views, etc.)

--We danced a ton (this has already been covered mostly--but I'm telling you, you haven't lived until you've seen Eric break dancing in the Explorer's lounge to a live band (Phoenix Rising, if you must know) playing Marvin Gaye's Mercy Mercy Me, among other bits of awesomeness.)

--Eric and I have somewhat complementary dance styles, in that we draw our influences from the 80s. Eric's an amazing break dancer, particularly for an old guy, and I pretty much channel Rudy Huxtable whenever I'm on the dance floor. As you can imagine, we're quite a sight to see.

--We roamed around Ketchikan for most of one day, taking in nature, thrift stores (where we bought Heather a pair of winter boots that should fit her in 2015 or so), quirky garages and pathways, and just generally tooled around, which is really what we're best at, when you come down to it.

 photo IMG_3985.jpg
Eric in Ketchikan. Pay particular attention to the name of the trail he's about to start walking.

--Then, as if tooling in Ketchikan wasn't enough, we went ahead and did basically the same thing in Skagway and Juneau.

 photo IMG_4068.jpg

--We watched Life of Pi on the deck of the ship, which was a little on the chilly side, what with the cruising wind and all, but still really fun.

 photo IMG_3949-1.jpg

 photo IMG_3950-1.jpg

All in all, it was the best eight-day date I've ever been on, hands down, no question.

 photo IMG_3951-1.jpg

When Eric and I were engaged, and then as newlyweds, sometimes I would stop him in the middle of whatever we were doing, and ask him,

"Will you still hold my hand when we're fifty years old/we've been married for 20 years/I'm not as stunningly beautiful as I am now??"

Back in those days, he would always respond with an emphatic "yes!".  Now, to tease me, (and probably to get me to stop asking him such a silly question) he'll say "not a chance" about as often as he says "yes".

I'm not worried though. We're in our forties now, have been married for over six years, and my looks aren't what they used to be. But I just spent a week holding hands nearly non-stop with this guy.

In Alaska.

 photo IMG_4051.jpg

Does it get better than that?


Carol said...

Oh Charlotte - I cannot believe that about Tayneshia. It is shocking and my heart is broken. I'm sending hugs and love your way and praying for Tayneshia and her family. How grateful I am for my sure knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan. I know that Tayneshia is well, has started a new adventure ahead of us (can't wait to hear what she does with this opportunity), and that she will be with her family and friends again one day. Love to you, sweet Charlotte. I know you know the plan and will help Tayneshia's family with love and support!

Aubrey said...

Oh, you lovebirds! I am so glad you had an eight day hand-holding date, and thought to document it. I just love love. :)

Mom C said...

I don't know where I've seen so much hand holding going on. I really loved to see everyone of you walking around holding hands. Probably because you didn't know what to do with your hands as they weren't holding any little ones.

Jeri said...

I am so sorry to hear about Taynesha! SO SO Sorry! (This one time I am glad you are not her travel companion though...) Hugs and prayers for you and for her family.

Reading your cruise travelogue is making me realize I need to go on the cruise again... (maybe a few more times) there was obviously much to do that I missed out on doing!

kates said...

How cute are you? I predict Eric will always be powerless to your cuteness, no matter the decade.

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