Thursday, July 18, 2013

We interrupt this travelogue to give you a little glimpse of what an awesome mom I am

 photo limeade.jpg


Me (having (foolishly) just filled a hot glass from the dishwasher with ice cold limeade, having it break into four pieces in my hand, spilling sticky semi-expensive limeade all over the floor at the exact time that we had to leave the house for swimming lessons.):  


(like, louder and with more frustration than I've ever expressed since I was an angsty teenager)

Heather (simultaneously sweetly and obnoxiously): Mom, that's not an inside voice. 

Good thing I'm training her so well.  

photo courtesy of LVCHEN

1 comment:

kates said...

Oh, I needed that right now. You are an awesome Mom; way to go!

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