Thursday, July 25, 2013

Awesome ALASKA-quirky-ness abounding (part one--more pictures than words)

Ketchikan, Alaska:  Because every self-respecting Pizza restaurant really should also serve Filipino Food. Surely you knew that?
 photo IMG_3966.jpg
This sign actually makes a whole lot more sense when you realize that probably 75% of the staff on our ship (and presumably the other cruise ships docking here as well) are from the Phillipines.

We found this open garage on a little walk that Eric and I took. Yes, that's a car engine (I think ) just hanging from the ceiling of this person's garage. Fascinating.
 photo IMG_3974.jpg

I just think this is cool. I mean, when was the last time you saw an Alaska Husky likeness on your local "clean up after your pet" sign? Probably the last time you went to Alaska, huh?
 photo IMG_3976.jpg

We didn't sample the Reindeer meat. We're adventurous, but not that adventurous.
 photo IMG_3968.jpg

These next two are self-explanatory:
 photo IMG_4001.jpg
 photo IMG_4002.jpg

Victoria, British Columbia--a random winged hat. Tickles my fancy.
 photo IMG_4211.jpg

Skagway, Alaska:  Love this tree that we found in someones yard. Can you tell what those globes are in real life?
 photo IMG_4138.jpg

How about a few closer looks?
 photo IMG_4141.jpg

 photo IMG_4140.jpg

I'm wondering what the story is behind this tree. I mean, who thinks to themself, "Hey, I think I'm going to build a bowling ball tree in my front yard!"

I have no idea--but I'm delighted that someone not only thought it, but then followed through with that thought. Stellar.
 photo IMG_4142.jpg

Same house--in addition to the Bowling tree, there is also a bottle tree,
 photo IMG_4122.jpg

A few random faucets on some stakes,
 photo IMG_4130.jpg

. . . and a whole fence of randomness.
 photo IMG_4134.jpg

The fence was so cool that it deserved two extra pictures.
 photo IMG_4135.jpg

 photo IMG_4132.jpg

I almost snuck back to this store and bought this shirt for Eric. 
But, then I forgot.
 photo IMG_3998.jpg

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