Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I actually generally wear my earrings in my ears--not my hair

I know this is late, and that Mother's Day is a distant memory for all of us, but I just found this again and I loved it so much that I wanted to post it.

So, here it is, the Mother's Day card Heather made for me in Preschool.

 photo IMG_3624.jpg

 photo IMG_3623.jpg

I love everything about this card. I love the illustration on the front, I love how the flowers are colored yellow (my favorite), and I love love love the words filled in on the second page. I especially love that through Heather's eyes, Charlotte Cantwell, a pretty average person when you come down to it, is best at being fabulous. I love that she sees me that way.

So, would you like to hear some random-but-stellar advice/thoughts from someone who is best at being fabulous?

Well, okay.

-If you use your cell phone for your alarm clock, try to find a ring that is kind of basic. Waking up out of a deep sleep to the Jumpin' Jive can be a little jarring.

-The push-button sunroof is one of man's greatest inventions.

-If you take ice-cold Crystal Light Lemonade (even Western Family or Kroger knock-offs) and add a few frozen peach slices or strawberries to the bottom of the pitcher, in about an hour you'll have delicious peach or strawberry lemonade. This also works with one drop of peppermint essential oil, if you have the kind that are safe to ingest.

-There is a type of beauty that has nothing to do with facial skin tone or firmness, nothing to do with waist size or body fat percentages, nothing to do with hair color or thickness of eyelashes. It has everything to do with kindness and goodness radiating out a person's eyes. It can't be faked or bought, but when it's there, and when I take the time to notice it, it can be the most calmingly beautiful thing I've ever seen.

-If you have something important or potentially delicate to discuss with your husband, dropping it on him within thirty seconds of him rolling out of bed in the morning is not necessarily advisable.
(Not that I would know anything about that personally of course.)

And that's what I've got for today.


Jake said...

Can't use the phone for an alarm clock. Too many bad experiences waking up to my phone in the past.

Charlotte said...

Hazards of the job, hazards of the job. (Good thing you're not an undertaker!)

kates said...

She is right--you are the best at being fabulous! And I think you described your eyes when describing those that are kind and good and never faked or bought. I know, you think--how does she even think she knows me like this? And it is because you were "my" singing leader in primary for at least three years, and a joy and delight it was to be the student of one so real....and fabulous.

Charlotte said...

Oh Katie-all I can say to that is that it takes one to know one.

And, thank you.

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