Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Animal Planet--Cantwell Style

So, awhile ago, I glanced out the back door to see Marilee playing with a mouse.

Talk about fascinating.

Now, if you've ever seen a cat catching a mouse or heard of how a cat catches a mouse, this will be a review for you and you'll probably want to skip it. As for me, I had heard of how a cat catches a mouse, but I'd never seen it before, and I was absolutely riveted.

(This next part gets a little 'national geographic special' graphic. If you have a fondness for mice (I don't. I consider it a personal affront anytime any mouse dares cross into "my" territory), I recommend you skip the next little bit.)

She'd swat it around a bit, let it run away from her for a few feet, and then, she'd slam it down with her paw. Then she'd let it up, and slowly, it would start hobbling around again. If it didn't move fast enough for her, she'd pick it up in her mouth, and deposit it in the garden area, letting it hide beneath the plants there. Then she'd stand on guard, staring with fascination to see if it would dare to move again. Finally, it would move enough to her satisfaction, and she'd grab it, put it back on the sidewalk again, and the cycle would start again. Of course each time the mouse would move more and more slowly, as all the inexorable slamming and mouth carrying broke its bones and squashed its organs.

 photo cat.jpg

I stood there, transfixed by the drama, cheering for my Marilee, telling her to go for it! Pound that vermin into the ground! After a bit, Heather wandered over to see what I found so interesting. That was the beginning of the end of the show for me. Heather, forgetting her love for our Marilee, began cheering for the mouse, with and ardor that equaled and then excelled my own pro-cat cheers. As it became more and more apparent that the mouse was going to lose this battle, Heather became concerned, and as I saw that she was leaving concern and heading into sadness and anxiety, I took her away from the door, and left Marilee to her prey in solitude. I have no proof of how it all ended, but I think we can all guess who the victor of this little duel was.

On thing though, viewing this little escapade has made me think twice (or about twenty times) about ever going on an African Safari. Tigers? Lions?  No thanks.

(Eric still stands by his preferred method of kicking the bucket himself, in case you were wondering.)

(That man is an absolute nut.)

image (that looks like Marilee but isn't) courtesy of stevepj2009

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