Thursday, June 13, 2013

. . . and then there was the time when we were at a truck stop on a family vacation and a biker dude bought my seven-year-old brother a brand new ball cap, telling him, "Don't let anyone tell you that Hell's Angels are all bad, okay kid?"

 photo hellsangels.jpg

This is not a sponsored post. This is a "isn't it nice when you run into someone who builds up your faith in humankind" post. Also, the title of this post (and the picture above) is (are) only tangentially related to the post, just in case you end up wondering. 

A bit ago, the windshield wipers on our beloved Hyundai started acting a little bit funny. As in, one of them would work just fine, but the other one seemed to want to dance, trying to cuddle up with the other, and then, once rejected by the other, either throwing herself (yes, I'm sure this particular wiper is a she) to the bottom of the windshield, only to sit there in despair, or flying all over the windshield in hysterical rage.

Entertaining, to be sure, but not exactly helpful in a rainstorm or a snowstorm. Keeping in mind the fact that this particular wiper was on the drivers side, it was a malady that needed to be fixed sooner rather than later.

So, after stressing about how much this would cost and how much time this would take (in spite of the fact that Eric, who is generally right about these kinds of things, told me that it would almost surely be a quick and easy fix), I called my good friends at Burruss Automotive.

 photo IMG_3888.jpg

(I trust them there. They've never tried to take advantage of me, they don't try to upsell me with flushes and changes and upgrades that I don't need. They are down home, honest, and know their stuff. I'm a fan.)

I told them the issue, and the man on the phone said, "I can probably have that fixed in about 5 minutes if you'll bring it down." So, not being a dummy, that's exactly what I did.

I pulled up, parked my car, wandered into the shop and told the first person I could find about my phone conversation. He went into the garage and soon a tall dude with tattoos, big old earrings (the circle kind that you put in the holes in your ears and stretch out the holes), and shoulder-length hair came out to help me. He was awesome. He had me turn on the wipers and demonstrate the problem. Then he went back into the garage, got a socket set, popped the hood, made three twists on a bolt with his wrench and Voila! Totally fixed.

I asked him what I owed him, and he said it was on the house, that he wouldn't feel good about taking my money for something that was so simple to fix. I told him that it might have been simple for him, but that it certainly wasn't anything that I could have figured out on my own. He said that that might have been true, but he still didn't see the point of charging me.

I gave him my effusive thanks, hopped in my car and drove away, resolving to do a lot more sharing and giving and a lot less taking and whining. Who knew a flirty wiper and a stellar mechanic would teach me so much that day? Not me.

Hells Angels pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Carol said...

Reminds me of the time I had a flat tire when I was sneaking back to Colorado for a surprise visit to my parents. I was just outside of Ft. Collins and the tire on my car decided it had had enough! I was lucky that this tire made the decision right at the exit to a rest stop. I didn't know what to do as it was very late at night and I didn't want to call my parents. I was a little nervous when I looked around and only saw a huge group of rather scary looking bikers. I said a quick prayer, felt strongly all was well and that I should ask for help. So, I did. I met the nicest people who helped me change the tire and who loved my hedgehogs (I had 2 at the time) to death. I thought the bikers were so cool and they thought this straight laced looking woman was cool as well! Just goes to show - can't judge a book by its cover.

kates said...

This is just what I was teaching my girls during scripture study this morning--send out goodness and it will spread; you can make a difference! Great post :)

Jake said...

I miss that hat.

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Good story Charlotte, warms my heart!

The Suzzzz said...

I don't even know him but I love that mechanic. Hurray for simple acts of kindness!

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