Tuesday, May 14, 2013

stuff that other random people have done recently that warms (warm?) my heart

A bit ago, I ended up in different grocery stores two times within the same week.  Both times, I saw a little kid (different kids, mind you) sitting in the grocery cart seat dressed up like Batman, complete with pointy-eared mask. Both times. As a woman who from time to time lets her daughter do the weekly shopping as Aurora, Cinderella, or Belle, seeing a fellow "choosing my battles" mom tickled me to my toes.

Then there was the time when I was out for my morning walk in a bit of a downpour, sporting my oversize yellow raincoat.  (I love doing that.  I have a feeling it makes me look like a giant banana or (worse) banana squash, but I love the sound and feel of rain coming down around me and on me, and really, what's not to like about seeing a giant wet fruit or vegetable walking down the street anyway?) The neighborhoods were deserted, but I walked by one house and this older man, complete with old-man coveralls was out puttering around a bit.  He saw me and said, "Young lady, you are really dedicated!  Good job!"  I laughed and told him he was too.

(Did you notice that? He called me a young lady! Of course, he was wearing old man coveralls, so in comparison, I suppose I am a young lady. All the same, between my crows feet and the gray hairs I pull out of my scalp every night, it's nice to be thought of as young by someone, I'm not gonna lie.)

And, since this post isn't quite random enough yet, here's a nice sky photo to finish things off.
aaaa photo IMG_1137.jpg

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kates said...

Charlotte, you crack me up! I would adore to see the enormous edible yellow home-grown you walking in the rain. Carry on, young lady!

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