Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breakfast of Champions. And Foodies. And the Rest of us Average People as Well.

This post is really nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to get YOU to plant a bunch of tomatoes in your backyard as well! Consider yourselves warned!

I have eleven tomato plants in my postage-stamp size garden this year.

Am I crazy?

The official reason is because the one time I went plant shopping I found a six pack each of Sungold and Sweet 100 tomatoes for around $2.50, and I wanted at least one or two of each kind, but then I also wanted at least two plants of regular full-size tomatoes, and so I came home with fourteen tomato plants, and couldn't bear to throw more than three of them out.

(I should have offered them to my neighbors (sorry neighbors!), but by the time I had planted them all and put cages around them all and answered one-thousand-and-one gardening questions from the little miss, I wasn't thinking clearly and it didn't occur to me. Silly Charlotte.)

However, the deeper, probably subconscious reason that I ended up with all those tomato plants in the first place is because I love roasted tomatoes and roasted tomato paste. I love them plain, I love them mixed into spaghetti sauce, I love them in my lasagna, I love them thawed (I freeze a mountain of them every fall, and eat them all winter) and spread on toasted baguettes with a smidgen of parmesan cheese, I love them on a cat, I love them with a bat, I love them here and there, I love them everywhere.

(I've actually never tried them on a cat--scared you there for a minute, didn't I?)

 photo foodthinkers.jpg
These tomatoes aren't roasted, but the pictures I take of this sandwich aren't very appetizing. So, use your imagination and pretend that they are roasted, okay?

But my very most favorite way of all to have roasted tomatoes is for breakfast, on a toasted piece of buttered bread or English Muffin, topped with a thin slice of cheese, and an over-easy egg. Avocados, Spinach or other greens are delicious and healthy optional bonuses.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the best breakfast in the whole wide world.

(Even better than spheres of breakfastical deliciousness! Can you believe it?)

Image courtesy of food thinkers


Carol said...

Wow - I thought I was having a huge tomato plant year. I have Red tomato plants (3), yellow pear (2), cherry (1), stripey (1) and 2 tomatillo plants. All this from a girl that hates to eat tomatoes. I do love sauces and soups and have a family that will eat them from the garden quicker than I can process them for soups and sauces! Hopefully we'll all have a fabulous tomato year!

kates said...

Ha ha! I wish you great success with your tomatoes, Charlotte! Home-grown tomatoes are almost a religion, right? Gotta get more converts!

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