Friday, April 05, 2013

They Just Keep on Coming!

More Chinese Lions from Cherie.  Loving them!

 photo photo19.jpg
Seven Star Park in Guilin, Notice the Chinese Lanterns left from Chinese New Year.

 photo photo18.jpg
Female Lion with an older cub, (very unusual by the way) in Qingpu Town, China

 photo photo22.jpg

Lion at the Great Wall, Mutianyu Section

 photo photo26.jpg
I'm especially fond of this one. He can be found in the Garden at the Forbidden City, Beijing

 photo photo27.jpg

Male Lion in Front of Hotel in Beijing

 photo photo28.jpg
Lion in Hutong (which is a "neighborhood") in old Beijing

 photo photo4.jpg
Confucius Temple in Nanjing

 photo photo3.jpg
Nanjing, China


Jake said...

You realize the pictures are upside down right? The third one actually fits that way with the mane and tail pointing up.

Jake said...

so did you fix them or did they just show up wrong on my computer at home?

Charlotte said...

I didn't fix them because they always showed up right for me. They're hosted at photobucket though, so sometimes things get a little wonky there.

Jake said...

Yeah, they're still upside down on my iPad.

Charlotte said...


Charlotte said...

Hey, they're upside down on my ipad as well. I just got a little carsick scrolling through them. Odd.

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