Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Photo Friday--Good Things Come in Threes Edition

Here's another lion from Cherie in China.  This one can be found at HuangShan Mountain, Anhui, China
 photo photo29.jpg

And . . . dum, Dum, DUUUUMMMM!  We now have a USoSL Member who has lions at her home!!!!  How cool is that???  Love them Harmony!
 photo IMG952013040395164932.jpg

And finally for a little anti-climax, here's a specimen Heather and I found on a Sunday afternoon walk a bit ago.  This one can be found in River Heights, Utah.
 photo IMG_2555.jpg


Jeri said...

you have lions at your house!!!! how awesome is that!?!?! i love it

Harmony said...

Thanks Jeri! They aren't exactly stone--more like hollow ceramic, but I couldn't resist when I saw them! I found them at the new Gordman's department store in AF. The price was right, and--bonus--I had grand opening coupons. I wasn't impressed with their clothing, but scored in the home decor department. :)

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