Monday, April 29, 2013

pictures and pictures and more pictures

So, Eric and I celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss earlier this month.

After securing a screaming deal ($65 for the night!!  Amazing!) on, we decided to forgo our usual Metropolitan Inn, and spent a night in these lovely digs instead.

 photo IMG_3105.jpg


Meanwhile, Heather found herself enjoying a change of bedtime scenery as well.
 photo 526515_584515284900785_1153214603_n.jpg
(photo courtesy of Heidi)

Our date included, among other things,

A morning stroll through the mostly deserted (because nothing was open yet) Gateway Mall:
 photo IMG_3070.jpg

 photo IMG_3071.jpg

 photo IMG_3072.jpg

 photo IMG_3073.jpg

 photo IMG_3088.jpg

 photo IMG_3086.jpg

Also, a leisurely stroll through downtown Salt Lake City, where we viewed numerous bits of quirky-ness:

 photo IMG_3106.jpg

 photo IMG_3109.jpg

 photo IMG_3110.jpg

 photo IMG_3133.jpg

Nearly an hour in the most unique bookstore I've ever experienced:

 photo IMG_3108.jpg

 photo IMG_3126.jpg

 photo IMG_3119.jpg

 photo IMG_3111.jpg

 photo IMG_3123.jpg

 photo IMG_3124.jpg

 photo IMG_3125.jpg

 photo IMG_3128.jpg

 photo IMG_3129.jpg

 photo IMG_3116.jpg

 photo IMG_3130.jpg

A visit to the Semi-annual Used Booksale at the Salt Lake library:

 photo IMG_3150.jpg

 photo IMG_3145.jpg

 photo IMG_3164.jpg
My sister turned me on to this idea. She buys holiday books at garage and library sales, and then puts them in a special basket for holiday reading at the appropriate time of year. I started our collection about a year ago, and it found resounding approval from both Eric and Heather.  So, I'm continuing on.

A return to the Gateway for lunch and a little bit of oil and vinegar tasting:
 photo IMG_3098.jpg

 photo IMG_3101.jpg

After which, we hopped in the car, and headed home, fulfilled, happy, and ready to tackle regular life once again.

The End.

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