Saturday, April 06, 2013

Easter Activites--Part 1 of 3 (a rainbow of colors)

This year, as I was driving home from work on the last Wednesday of March, I determined that I wanted to dye eggs right then, rather than waiting until the next day, as had been our plan. So, we did. Eric doesn't care for egg dying, and his presence isn't as important to me in this tradition as it is for others, so for the entirety of Heather's life, egg-dying has been an all-girl event.  The upside of this is that for the moment at least, I can make unilateral decisions about such things whenever I feel so inclined. Sooooo convenient.

In an extra nice state of affairs, two of Heather's our adopted sisters had openings in their social calendars, so Livvy the Lovely and Addie the Adorable joined us for our egg dying celebration.


 photo IMG_2772.jpg

 photo IMG_2744.jpg
That's Heather's "This is such a cute egg" face, not her "I'm so sad" face.  Just to be clear.

 photo IMG_2743.jpg
Livvy's facial expressions crack me up on a nearly constant basis.

 photo IMG_2745.jpg

 photo IMG_2734.jpg

 photo IMG_2738.jpg

 photo IMG_2740.jpg

 photo IMG_2764.jpg

 photo IMG_2759.jpg

Naturally, we topped of the evening with a little eggstravaganza, Corry style.

 photo IMG_2767.jpg

 photo IMG_2768.jpg

 photo IMG_2770.jpg

In a development that was decidedly UN-Corry style, there was a three-way tie for first place.

Hey, my house, my rules.

 photo IMG_2773.jpg


Mom C said...

So you know how unCorry we were this year, we held the competition on Monday after Easter. At the completion of the kids bracket, Mark asked if it would be OK if we didn't hold an adult competition and instead award 4 places instead of 1st and 2nd. Kaylee and ShaLiece didn't attend so we were able to agree. Winners were 1st Dallen, 2nd Spencer,3rd Kirstin, 4th Rachel! yes Rachel, she had a rolling egg that just kept on going!

Mom C said...

When did you change your header? Who let in the strange guy with the Casto beard? Happy Monday,we're expecting snow!

Melissa Corry said...

Looks like fun had by all. Our kids were a little sad this year when Mom and Dad died the eggs while they were at school. It was a big of a crazy day ;) But everyone was okay, once the eggstravagazna began ;) And love the new header!

Charlotte said...

Mom--the header is new. I just changed it over the weekend. I want to say Friday night?

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