Monday, April 29, 2013

pictures and pictures and more pictures

So, Eric and I celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss earlier this month.

After securing a screaming deal ($65 for the night!!  Amazing!) on, we decided to forgo our usual Metropolitan Inn, and spent a night in these lovely digs instead.

 photo IMG_3105.jpg


Meanwhile, Heather found herself enjoying a change of bedtime scenery as well.
 photo 526515_584515284900785_1153214603_n.jpg
(photo courtesy of Heidi)

Our date included, among other things,

A morning stroll through the mostly deserted (because nothing was open yet) Gateway Mall:
 photo IMG_3070.jpg

 photo IMG_3071.jpg

 photo IMG_3072.jpg

 photo IMG_3073.jpg

 photo IMG_3088.jpg

 photo IMG_3086.jpg

Also, a leisurely stroll through downtown Salt Lake City, where we viewed numerous bits of quirky-ness:

 photo IMG_3106.jpg

 photo IMG_3109.jpg

 photo IMG_3110.jpg

 photo IMG_3133.jpg

Nearly an hour in the most unique bookstore I've ever experienced:

 photo IMG_3108.jpg

 photo IMG_3126.jpg

 photo IMG_3119.jpg

 photo IMG_3111.jpg

 photo IMG_3123.jpg

 photo IMG_3124.jpg

 photo IMG_3125.jpg

 photo IMG_3128.jpg

 photo IMG_3129.jpg

 photo IMG_3116.jpg

 photo IMG_3130.jpg

A visit to the Semi-annual Used Booksale at the Salt Lake library:

 photo IMG_3150.jpg

 photo IMG_3145.jpg

 photo IMG_3164.jpg
My sister turned me on to this idea. She buys holiday books at garage and library sales, and then puts them in a special basket for holiday reading at the appropriate time of year. I started our collection about a year ago, and it found resounding approval from both Eric and Heather.  So, I'm continuing on.

A return to the Gateway for lunch and a little bit of oil and vinegar tasting:
 photo IMG_3098.jpg

 photo IMG_3101.jpg

After which, we hopped in the car, and headed home, fulfilled, happy, and ready to tackle regular life once again.

The End.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Photo Friday - making do edition

So, say you're a princess, any random princess, maybe we'll say Aurora or Belle for example, and you're sitting around, waiting for your handsome prince (or not-so-handsome beast) to come pick you up for some awesome prince/princess stuff, and he's running a little late.  What do you do then?

 photo IMG_2782.jpg

Why, you hop on your scooter and scoot off to find him of course!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Winter Walk

Winter is (hopefully) long gone now, (right????)  (RIGHT???), but I found these photos in my photobucket account, and was inclined to post them here.  These were taken on a walk that Heather and I took one Sunday after church a few weeks back.

 photo IMG_2536.jpg

 photo IMG_2539.jpg

 photo IMG_2553.jpg

 photo IMG_2537.jpg

The pinwheel was a present from Heather's marvelous Primary teachers.
 photo IMG_2541.jpg

 photo IMG_2547.jpg

 photo IMG_2543.jpg

 photo 2013-3-March2.jpg

 photo IMG_2551.jpg

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

no sugar, just spice

Did you know that if you don't happen to have Allspice on hand that you can make a pretty good substitution on your own?

Yup.  It's easy too.  Super duper easy.  Just mix together equal parts cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

Told you it was easy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Photo Friday--Good Things Come in Threes Edition

Here's another lion from Cherie in China.  This one can be found at HuangShan Mountain, Anhui, China
 photo photo29.jpg

And . . . dum, Dum, DUUUUMMMM!  We now have a USoSL Member who has lions at her home!!!!  How cool is that???  Love them Harmony!
 photo IMG952013040395164932.jpg

And finally for a little anti-climax, here's a specimen Heather and I found on a Sunday afternoon walk a bit ago.  This one can be found in River Heights, Utah.
 photo IMG_2555.jpg

Thursday, April 18, 2013

movie recommendations, mine, eric's and heathers

So, awhile back, my parents dropped by for a night en route to a little Montana getaway.  Having them here was delightful.  Mom went with me to pick Heather up from her dance class, and the look on Heather's face when she saw (one of) her beloved grandmother(s) was absolutely priceless.  Following that, we had a nice evening hanging out, we introduced my parents to the wonderfulness that is Savannah's Barbeque, and we put Heather to bed.  Then, since we don't have the ability to watch the weather channel or "JAG" on our television, Eric took it upon himself to find a DVD in our collection that would pique the interest of our distinguished guests. After looking over our options, and mulling over the personalities of my parents, he eventually settled on 2010:  The Year We Make Contact.

 photo 2010.jpg

We watched the show. I had been skeptical, wondering if sci-fi was really what we were all hankering for that night, but I have to admit, I got totally sucked in, and remembered why I had enjoyed the movie when Eric first introduced it to me, back when we were starry-eyed lovebirds, and not necessarily discerning movie watchers.

* *

A few days later, my mom and dad again dropped by en route, this time on their way back home from Montana.  We again had a nice evening and afternoon, I tried a new recipe, which I didn't love, but everyone else seemed to like pretty well (or maybe they were all being kind).  After we put Heather to bed, we settled down for another movie on DVD.  This time I did the mulling of options and personalities, and after learning that my parents hadn't yet seen We Are Marshall, I determined that it was right up their alley.

 photo we_are_marshall.jpg

We all enjoyed it.  Love that movie. My dad (who generally starts dropping off around 9:00) even stayed awake until after 10:30 to get to the end.  Success!!

* *
Then, a few days after that, Heather and I were looking for a movie to watch for our movie night. Growing tired of Dora the Explorer and Strawberry Shortcake, I managed to persuade Heather to try something new, viz, the stellar unmatched-ness of Sense and Sensibility.  We managed to get through about forty-five minutes, and then it was bedtime for Heather, and I figured that would be the end of that.

So, you can imaging my surprise and glee when, the next morning I came home from my morning workout to this sight:

 photo IMG_2385.jpg

She loves the movie!  I love that she loves the movie! Yippee!

 photo IMG_2380.jpg

 photo IMG_2387.jpg
"Mom--that's Willerby.  He's the bad guy, right?  Even though he fixed her leg, he's still the bad guy, right?"
Right on Heather.  You've got it all figured out.

So, what about you? Got any stellar movie recommendations for us? New Ones? Oldies but goodies?

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