Monday, March 25, 2013


Not long ago, Eric was de-cluttering some of his books and he found a comic book that is essentially The Avengers for pets.  Thinking Heather might like it, and not wanting it anymore, he offered it to her.  She loves it.  They read from it probably three times a week.

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The other night, we were getting ready to say family prayers (generally kind of a tricky thing because I'm tired and ready for Heather to be in bed, and Heather is wired and trying to stall the imminent bedtime, and Eric is trying to figure out how he can be all things to both of his women without getting either of them upset), and Heather plopped down on her knees by me, declaring, "I want to sit by someone pretty for prayers tonight!"  I had just taken a shower, and was in my frumpy clothes with stringy hair and blotchy skin.  Obviously Heather and I have different ideas of what constitutes "pretty".  (It was a nice little lift for me though, I'm not gonna lie.)

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Heather's taken to wrapping things up present-style.  Sometimes she'll create her own custom wrapping paper, and sometimes (as above) she'll use a blanket, towel, spare shirt or what have you to hide her gifts. Not the most original thing to do, as I'm told that most kids go through this phase.  All the same, it's pretty darn fun if you ask me.

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The following conversation occurred at 7:00 a.m. a few days ago.
Me  (having just returned home from exercising and being all pumped up):  Hey Eric, are you a true aggie?
Eric (in bed, zonked to the world, barely awake):  What????  Ummmmm, no.
Me:  Neither am I.  So, I have an idea.  How about when we're sixty or seventy, we go up to the A on Homecoming night and become true aggies?  We'll be that cute little old couple that all the kids think is so quirky and adorable.
Eric (sleepily and dismissively): Okay.

So glad to have that settled.

* * *

In case you didn't notice (and it was quite subtle ha-ha, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't), I had a birthday recently. It was a great day, the highlight of which just might have been waking up to Heather's ecstatic face pressed against my own as she exclaimed, "Mom!!!!!  SPRING  is on the way!!!  I just heard a goose calling in the sky!!"

We'd been on "goose watch" for a little over a week, and as you might remember, I have a real thing for spring geese, so the whole combination of waking up to the girl who is more precious to me than any other, laying by the man that is more precious to me than any other, listening to proof of the imminent return of the season that is more anticipated by me than any other was just an exceptionally nice way to start my forty-third year.

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Perhaps that's more cheese than you were looking for today, but it's true all the same.


kates said...

What a great dose of Charlotte for the day. Your birthday wake-up is my fave!

Melissa Corry said...

I can never get enough cheese. Love it!!

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