Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm cool, brave and daring to see a lion glaring when I'm out with my Remington

Every once in awhile, Cherie sends me a few more lions from China-way.

 photo photo17.jpg
Female in Nanjing, China
That's because Cherie is a gem.  

 photo photo3.jpg

 photo photo5.jpg
Zhujiajiao Water Town

 photo photo4.jpg

 photo photo1.jpg
YuYuan Garden in Shanghai

 photo photo.jpg

 photo photo2.jpg
Forbidden City

Thanks Cherie!

5  points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical

2 points for the name of the character who sings these words in the musical
10 points if you happened to sing this song at a ward talent show a few (or more than a few) years backother points awarded by whim


Jeri said...

dang! here I am, FIRST... and I don't have a clue. how about "Annie get your gun?" i have some pseudo lion pictures that I took two years ago on a family vacation that I still need to send to you... such a slacker I am.

My son Bryan's favorite scripture story is daniel and the lions den... any points for that?

Charlotte said...

boo-yah! You got the musical right on the money! Also a point for being first, and a point for Daniel and the lions den. Nice work!

Carol said...

One of my favorite songs - You Can't Get a Man with A Gun!!

I just love Irving Berlin

P.S. I used to tease one of my more out-going friends that this was her dating theory in opposite!!

Charlotte said...

And Boo-yah to you! 5 points for the song, 1 for the composer. :)

Jeri said...

that is too FUNNY!!! I just picked it cause it is the only thing I know of that has anything to do with a gun - and i know a remington is a gun... talk about DUMB LUCK! WAHOO!!!

Deutschlehrer said...

Irving Berlin--
Ha! I am flying to Berlin at the end of April. I may only have one note to play, but I play it well.

Mom C said...

There you are, Jeff! Been Wondering!

Mom C said...

Annie has a long history. Ethel Merman was the 1st Annie. Bernadette Peters won a Tony for her Annie. Doris Day made an album but wasn't in the stage play. Judy Garland was suppose to be Annie in the movie version but she was fired. REba McEntire played Annie on Broadway.

Harmony said...

These are great lions! I have no lion photos to offer at the moment, which makes me a little sad. I need to get busy with my camera!

I do have a couple of gun stories, but since they involve politics and relatives, I'm going to do what most Facebook users don't and refrain from sharing them on the World Wide Web. :)

Charlotte said...

Jeff--two points for joining in on the fun (what--you're on spring break finally?), one point for going to Berlin, and one point for sheer german speaking audacity.

Mom-3 points for those interesting annie get your gun facts.

Harmony-1 point for forbearance--I for one, wish there was a little more of that here on the world wide web.

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