Friday, March 08, 2013

I don't even know what I'm reading! I don't even know which trick I ought to try

A little business:

When do you want to have the lightning round?

We'll have it from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on one of the following days:

Monday, March 11
Tuesday, March 12
Thursday, March 14
Saturday, March 16
If you want to vote, comment with your choice and we'll go from there.

In other news--Heather and I tried our hand at a recipe in the fairy cookbook again.
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Obviously, we've got a ways to go.

5  points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical

other points awarded by whim


Melissa Corry said...

Wicked!! No Good Deed Sung by Elphaba

Melissa Corry said...

We went to SL last year to see this and loved it!!! It was fantastic!! The broadway starred Kristin Chenowith as Glinda and Idina Menzel as Elphba.

Jake said...

I'm bummed. I knew this one. Wicked has surpassed Les Mis as my favorite play. Every time I hear this song I think of the Friends episode where Joey tells Phoebe that there is no such thing as an unselfish good deed.

Carol said...

I missed it as well. I actually heard a song from this musical before I went to see it and it got me through a tough time. I had to speak at my Aunt's funeral a couple of years ago. It was the lyrics from the song "For Good" also sung by Elphaba with Glinda. That song summed up my feelings for a special person in my life.

When I got the chance to see the musical, being the great and wonderful Aunt that I am; I took my niece to see it with me. It was kind of an homage to all the wonderful things my Aunt did with me.

Here's a few Wicked fun facts: Stephen Schwartz did the music and lyrics with the book by Winnie Holzman. The original OZ book was written by L. Frank Baum. In London Wicked received the Laurence Olivier award. Wicked is also the 11th or 12th longest-running Broadway show in history.

Since moving to Denver, I've joined with a friend to but season tickets to the Buell Theater. Often plays and musicals are so infused with 'today's values' that they aren't enjoyable. Wicked is not one of those and it is truly enjoyable!! Thanks for reminding me of a fun time!

Carol said...

I meant to say to buy season tickets - not to but! Who knows what that means!! (Kind of like lip sink!)

Charlotte said...

Melissa--you nailed it again! 7 points, plus a point for knowing characters and actresses, another point for having seen the show live recently.

total points: 9

Jacob:1 point for managing to tie Wicked to Friends.

Carol: a point for sharing some of your experiences with the show (I have a few sentimental stories of my own in conjunction with these songs), and another point for the fun facts.

Jeri said...

I knew this one too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this musical. Tim bought me tickets to see it in SLC last year and it is now my favorite. He decided as long as we were paying a bunch to go - we might as well go ALL OUT - and he bought tickets on the 2nd row!!! I was in HEAVEN! It is pretty much my "go to" music right now (and has been since I saw it. it is what I crank up when I am cleaning... or driving without kids... I love it!

A funny story - my friend Angel went and saw it a week or so before me, and she called me up at 11 pm at night on their way home to tell me how much she loved it and how great it was, and how if I still wanted to sell my tickets she wanted to buy them and go again. (We had the radiator on our van blow out on us that week, plus a few other unexpected and rather hefty bills - so we were feeling some financial discomfort, and lets be honest - paying $300 bucks for one night at a musical isn't really a "NEED..." ANYWAY - I had really wanted to see this for so long, so we kept the tickets and went. I AM SO GLAD I DID.
No, that was not the funny story, just the long winded lead up... SO... when Angel called - and got me out of bed, she told me how she was sitting there with her daughter, watching the show, and thinking that Elphaba reminded her of someone, but she wasn't sure who. Then during the song "popular," Lizzie (the daughter) leans over and says, "Elphabe really reminds me of Jeri." THAT"S WHO IT REMINDS ME OFF!!!! they laughed and hoped I wouldn't be offended that both of them thought of me when they saw the dear old "wicked witch." The girl who played Elphaba was SO incredible!!! I am honored to think I am even just the tiniest bit like her. :) (and I certainly do have a bit of wicked witch in me) Charlotte - if I am Elphaba, and you were my roomie in college "dear old SHIZ" aka SUSC...SUU) I guess that makes you Guh-linda!

I guess i have another connection to Wicked... One of the young men I taught Sunday school to many years back, went on to study theatre in college and actually wen ton tour with Wicked for a cuople years. I wish I could have seen it while he was still with them. I remember when I first heard of the musical - I was alarmed that people were so taken by a musical called "WICKED." !!!! Didn't they know about avoiding the very appearance of evil? I kno wI was quite worried about anyone I knew who talked about loving it. I was seriously worried about their spiritual well being! Talk about judging a book by it's cover!!! Now I am one of the group. A lover of "Wicked"-ness!

Jake said...

Speaking of Wicked. Last year I had an argument with Marian about Glinda (as Marian had performed Popular at the reunion some years previous). Marian insists that Glinda is the dumb one whereas I set her straight saying Glinda was naive and not necessarily dumb. In the end we agreed to disagree much like many of my conversations with Marian.

Charlotte said...

Jeri--a point for having seen it so recently, and another point for being Elphaba's twin of a sort. One more point for being a die-hard and hanging on to your theatre tickets in the face of hefty bills.

Jake--1 point for that fun story about you and Marian. Agreeing to disagree is definitely (or defiantly as some in our family are wont to write) a handy skill to have when dealing with Ms. Marian Jean.

Charlotte said...


Since none of you have voted on when you want the lightning round, I've made the decision myself. HOWEVER, I'm not going to tell you which day it is, just for a little bit of extra surprise fun.

So, watch for that. :)

Melissa Corry said...

So am I the only one with a defiantly story or are there others??

Charlotte said...

Oh, there are others. Mark comes to mind.

Carol said...

Most of my friends and I often agree to disagree. However, I must say that it is because they have eternal hope to prove me wrong (which I never am)! ;-)

Harmony said...

I've been left in the dust this year. I hate it when life (and the stomach flu) get in the way of a good game of MMM!

To catch up a little though, like Jeri and Melissa, I also saw Wicked at the Capitol Theatre last summer. In fact, Jeff and I were there the same night as Jeri and Tim. It was fun and funny to run into them there. Unlike Jake though, Wicked has not passed up Les Mis as my favorite musical. Like Jeri, I had wanted to see it for a long time, so I chose to buy tickets to Wicked instead of seeing Les Mis with Brian Vaughn at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Unlike Jeri, I didn't get second row tickets, so I wonder if being near the back kept me from getting sucked into the magic as much. The music was amazing, but I still think Les Mis is a more powerful story. I don't regret going to Wicked, but I wished I hadn't passed up Les Mis at the USF to do it. Live and learn. Bonus tip: The Thai restaurant we had dinner at before the show was wonderful though--Cafe Trang on the corner of 300 W and 200 S.

Charlotte said...

Harmony--1 sympathy point because having to suffer through winter AND the stomach flu is just too much to be endured. 1 point for seeing Wicked. 1 point for that interesting view as to Les Mis vs Wicked. 1 more point for the tip on Cafe Trang--Eric and I are always looking for a good Thai restaurant.

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