Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Happiness is, finding a pencil, pizza with sausage, telling the time.

Wanna know about the best pizza we've ever had in Salt Lake City  all of Utah?

Este New York Style Pizzeria
156 East 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

 photo IMG_2316.jpg

 photo IMG_2317.jpg
Photo by Heather.  Head crowns in pictures are unnecessary and over-rated
 photo IMG_2318.jpg

"Yumma Yumma" doesn't even come close to covering it.

* * *

 photo padthai.jpg

In other news, Heather's bedtime prayer tonight included the plea, "Please make mommy make food that is not spicy anymore".  I had experimented with making Shrimp Pad Thai.  It would have been pretty tasty had it not been so hot that it burned our lips off.  Next time I'll cut the chili paste in half, or maybe even in thirds, and add spice from there.  On the bright side, it appears that our talks about not saying the same things in our prayers over and over and over again are bearing a little bit of fruit.  Hooray!

only 2 points for the name of the song (since I handed it to you on a silver platter)
5 points for the name of the musical

1 point each for the names of the three characters that take turns singing these particular lyrics.  If you get all three of them on your first try, I'll give you an extra five points
other points awarded by whim

p.s.  Happy Birthday momma!

p.p.s.  Pad Thai image courtesy of kndynt2099


Mom C said...

happiness is, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I don't know, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy. Thank you, I'm planning on having a great day!

Mom C said...

I'll be in SL this weekend. And that's less than 2 blocks from the State Office. I love a good pizza. Thanks for the reminder, address and visual.

Melissa Corry said...

Spencer sang this song last year at his 3rd grade musical concert only the kids were allowed to write their own lyrics. Spencer's included Happiness is flying a dragon, and then I can't remember. They choose 6 favorites from the class and sang those for the presentation. There were some rather interesting things that made those kids happy :)

Mom C said...

The song is actually called Happiness. linus, schroder also sing but I don't know who sings which lines. Its an adaptation on the comic characters, Peanuts, created by Charles Schulz who lived in Santa Rosa where there is an amazing ice rink which Aunt Lou Jean will be happy to show you any time you want to visit.
Schulz died in 2000 but Peanuts is still running. Unlike many other comic strips who have new artists taking over the strip, all the Peanuts comics are the originals and all we're getting are reruns. But aren't they great and still current.

Mom C said...

I wanted to check on Schulz's death date and found this in Wikipedia. I though it interesting.
Schulz said that his routine every morning consisted of first eating a jelly donut, and then going through the day's mail with his secretary before sitting down to write and draw the day's strip at his studio. After coming up with an idea (which he said could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours), he began drawing it, which took about an hour for dailies and three hours for Sunday strips. Unlike many other successful cartoonists, Schulz never used assistants in producing the strip; he refused to hire an inker or letterer, saying that "it would be equivalent to a golfer hiring a man to make his putts for him."
Schulz receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Knott's Berry Farm in June 1996

Charlie Brown, the principal character for Peanuts, was named after a co-worker at the Art Instruction Inc. Schulz drew much more inspiration than this from his own life, some examples being:

Like Charlie Brown's parents, Schulz's father was a barber and his mother a housewife.
Like Charlie Brown, Schulz admitted in interviews that he'd often felt shy and withdrawn in his life.
Schulz had a dog when he was a boy, reportedly a rather intelligent one at that. Although this dog was a pointer, and not a beagle such as Snoopy, family photos of the dog confirm a certain physical resemblance.
References to Snoopy's brother Spike living outside of Needles, California were likely influenced by the few years (1928–1930) that the Schulz family lived there; they had moved to Needles to join other family members who had relocated from Minnesota to tend to an ill cousin.[13]
Schulz's inspiration for Charlie Brown's unrequited love to the Little Red-Haired Girl was Donna Mae Johnson, an Art Instruction Inc. accountant with whom he fell in love. When Schulz finally proposed to her in June 1950, shortly after he'd made his first contract with his syndicate, she turned him down and married another man.
Linus and Shermy were both named for good friends of his (Linus Maurer and Sherman Plepler, respectively).
Peppermint Patty was inspired by Patricia Swanson, one of his cousins on his mother's side. Schulz devised the character's name when he saw peppermint candies in his house.[14][15]

Carol said...

Wow - I'm kind of out on this one. So, I'm going 'whimming'.

Growing up, Peanuts and Charles Schultz were BIG! So big, in fact, that the first dog my family owned since I had been born was named Snoopy. Our Snoopy was a dachshund. I clearly remember going with my Dad to pick him up at this beautiful house in Bow Mar. Bow Mar is the 'ritzy' area in Littleton. They even have their own lake! This was just after my Mom and Dad had had a HUGE fight. So huge that we moved out from the house and lived with my grandparents for a while. Picking up Snoopy was one of the first things we did after we moved home.

Everyone in the family loved Snoopy. My Dad even brought Snoopy to my First Grade Show and Tell. I remember all the kids in class thinking that I was the cool kid because my Dad would bring our dog for Show and Tell and because I had a cool dog that would sit up for a piece of cheese! Of course, that coolness quickly wore off.

I could tell many, many stories about Snoopy. But I think one of the best is how everyone once in a while Snoopy just wouldn't come home for the night. We all worried about where he was - but he always came home. It was clear that he had had a 'boy's night out' because he always slept the entire next day! I remember thinking that my Snoopy was probably fighting the Red Baron - just like Charlie's Snoopy.

Last story about Snoopy. He was so important to our family that when I was burned and spent about 3 months in the hospital, the staff at the hospital arranged several days when I could have visits from Snoopy.

When Snoopy died, everyone including my Mom (who almost had Snoopy taken away from us once) took the day off from work. We were just heart broken. Snoopy is famous in our family for a many reasons and I often feel like I can thank Charles Schultz for the creative ideas he planted in my head as I tried to read that treasured pup's mind!

Happy Birthday Mom Corry! You raised a wonderful daughter and I am grateful to you for that!

Charlotte said...

Sorry I'm late with these points--remember how I said I'd be putting together my tax stuff this week? That's taken more time than I was thinking it would. Anyway--on to the points!

Mom--2 points for song, 5 for musical 2 for two of the characters that sing the song. If I didn't have my own celebration plans this weekend, I'd think about trying to mooch off you for some fun this weekend. Ah well. Another time. Another point for naming other characters in the songs. You might all be interested to know (though probably not) that I've skated at that skating rink, while on my mission, no less. One more point for all that interesting info culled from wikipedia.

Total points: 11

Melissa--2 points for having a son sing this melody in public within the last year. Another point because the whole "flying a dragon" thing brings back good good memories of the day when Eric and Spencer spent a couple of hours living their own little fantasy life which Spencer put together pretty much word for word according to "How to Train Your Dragon"

Total points: 3

Carol:1 point for having a dog named "snoopy". One more point for Snoopy being a hospital comfort dog--such a heart-warming thought! One more point because the bit about your mom almost having Snoopy taken away, but then being heartbroken at his death gives me hope about our little Marilee (cat) situation. I love her, I really do, but she scratches our couch and I end up cleaning the litter box the majority of the time, and sometimes I'm tired and grouchy and in a heated moment of fatigue I've been known to threaten to send her away, which, if I do it when Heather is within earshot immediately sends her to tears, which (rightly) makes me feel bad. Now Eric knows I will never do that, because I'm more fond of her than I let on--but Heather doesn't know that, so I need to watch my mouth more for sure! Heck, I'll give you one more point just for enduring this rambling comment.

Total points: 4

Scott and Amy said...

Here's my insight. Schulz has a daughter named Amy .. Just like me. And she is LDS. I don't need points, just thought you'd like some more info. --Amy

Charlotte said...

Amy, I had no idea. Thanks! If you change your mind about the points, let me know.

Mom C said...

Comment on finding a pencil. As I was cleaning out my cupboards last fall I began collecting pencils and pens. From numerous locations I ended up with an overflowing gallon sized plastic bag full. The majority had logos relating to drug co.(courtesy of drug reps.) or school products (courtesy of conventions). Knowing they would probably our life span, I tried to pawn them off on family, got some takers but finally gave the rest to Jodi, cleaning lady extraordinare. So Friday, Dad wants a red pencil to make some markings on his track rolls. We hunted everywhere, drawers, cupboards, shelves, plastic containers, upstairs, downstairs, cup holders and nary a colored pencil did we find. How many years have I had red pencils cluttering my pencil holders, jumping to hand when I reached for a good pen? But not when I absolutely, nothing else would work, needed one! There is no justice in the universe! And no happiness in the Corry household that day.

Charlotte said...

Mom--that is an awesome story! I can just see dad with steam coming out of his ears. And (sadly) I can see the same thing happening in our house. I guess daughters really do grow up to be their mothers!

1 point.

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