Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eric indulges me once again--but at least he got an awesome new pair of glasses out of the deal

So, about a month ago, I received an e-mail from a company called "Firmoo".  I'm going to quote some of the e-mail below, just because I get a kick out of it.

Thanks for reading this email. I am Antonio from Firmoo, the worldwide popular eyeglasses store which has 560,000 fans on Facebook.We are inviting some of the influential bloggers in USA to try out our products. I was wondering if there is any possibility of cooperating with you.

DID YOU READ THAT ROBERT, JACOB, MARK, AND DOUG????  I, your big sister, the one that you like to kick around and mock and tease, I am an INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER IN USA!!!  Let's have a little respect from here on out!!!

Now, to get back to our story . . .

The deal was, I was to go online, choose a pair of glasses (they have prescription and non-prescription available), they would send them to me, and after a few days, I would write a objective review to tell my readers how I feel about the product and service.

Now, I'm not a big glasses person. I used to be. I used to be a big "I can't see the clock or anything else without glasses or contacts in, and I put new contacts in every morning, and I keep a spare pair of glasses that I only wear for about thirty minutes a day because my eyes are so bad that I can't trust myself to find my way to the bathroom to put in my contacts in the morning nor can I trust myself to find my way to my bed after I've taken my contacts out in the evening" kind of person.  (This was in the days before contacts that you could safely sleep in.  I'm no spring chicken, you know!)

But, then, in the glorious year of the new millenium, and due to the glorious generosity of my similarly myopic mother, I received one of the top five best gifts of my lifetime, and I got lasik surgery.  My life would never be the same again.

So, for thirteen years now, I've been glasses and contact free, with the exception of a pair of sunglasses that I keep in the car for sunny driving days.

However . . . 

Eric is a big glasses person.  He wears them every day.  Also, of the two of us, it is Eric who is more particular about style, comfort, and fashion than I am.  So, rather than telling Firmoo to jump in a lake because glasses were so far in my rear view window that I never wanted to think about them again, I asked if we could get a pair for Eric instead, and write a review on those.

 photo IMG_2687.jpg

My Firmoo friend Antonio said that would be fine.

On the evening of March 10th, I clicked over to Firmoo.com, and swiveled my laptop over so Eric could browse frames so he could pick out a favorite.  He chose the "Men's semi-rimless mixed material eyeglasses" in black (versus gunmetal).  The site was kind of fun, they had a virtual try-on system, where there were different faces that you could use to see how the glasses would look on.  You can even upload a photo of yourself to use for that purpose, but we weren't going to get all that technical, at least not this time around.  Neither of us had ever ordered glasses online before, and we got a little bit confused when it was time to enter his prescription into the system, but I sent an e-mail to Antonio, and by the next morning, he had written back with specific instructions on what goes where.  By the afternoon of March 11, we'd placed an order, and the glasses were on their way! Hooray!

I should mention that from the way the English is worded on the website, as well as some of the grammar that I read from Antonio, I get the impression that this is not an American country, and that English is not the native language of those who create the website.  There are times when something like this would concern me (like when I'm in a phone conversation with tech support for a complex problem and I run into a huge communication gap that makes me want to simultaneously pull my hair out and collapse on the floor sobbing), but I didn't find it a problem in the least in our dealings with Firmoo.

Within six days, we had the glasses in our home, and Eric was trying them on.  After about 30 minutes, I asked him for his thoughts.  Here's what he said:

"These glasses are very comfortable, and some glasses are not that comfortable.  These are.  I should probably wear them for longer than a few hours, but so far, I like them."

There you have it folks.

A few days ago, after Eric had been wearing them for another week or so, I asked him for another review.  Here's what he said that time:

"I love em.  They fit well, they are very comfortable, high quality lenses, I think they are great.  They're lightweight and unobtrusive--you know, many glasses are obtrusive, the scratch resistant lenses are great. They're way better than the glasses I used to use." 

And so, the Eric and Charlotte opinion of Firmoo is a resounding A+.  Good price (even if you don't get them free for writing a blog review), convenient ordering, good product.  We're fans. Honestly, we'll probably be back when we need more glasses.

Now, if this amazingly creative and glowing review has convinced you to try out Firmoo (And really, how could it not? It's coming from an influential blogger in the USA, remember?) they have a "first pair free" program, where you can order a pair of glasses for the cost of shipping only, no strings attached.

And now, here are some gratuitous photos from the photoshoot to which I subjected Eric in order to get some shots for this post:

 photo IMG_2678.jpg
General Head Shot

 photo IMG_2684.jpg
"All right honey, Give me a 'Hey there,  baby' look!"

 photo IMG_2689.jpg
Close-up on the glasses/Eric's attempt at crazy eyes.

 photo IMG_2680.jpg
Side View/Eric Attempts an "I'm so cool, I'm just looking off into the distance" look.

 photo IMG_2688.jpg
"Okay, now show me 'Mr. Cool'" 

 photo IMG_2679.jpg
Charlotte?!?!?  Are you about done???

And the answer is yes.  I am now 100% done.


Mom C said...

very good, mrs influential blogger in USA. I'm impressed that they got Eric's prescription right, I know it's complicated. Great photos, he's so patient.

kates said...

This was too funny--I was sharing with Jared and forgot to comment. I have been thinking about it off and on since yesterday. How I wish I held your high position of influential blogger in USA! I reverence you, Charlotte!

Aubrey said...

And you ARE influential! We love your blog and are easily influenced by your ways! Recipes, cleaning tips, spiritual thoughts, all GOLD! Way to be awesome. And Firmoo looks good on Eric. I am sold.

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