Friday, March 01, 2013

And where's that soggy plain?

Lyn, our USoSL world traveler recently returned from a fabulous time in Spain.  Happily, she brought us all a few lion souvenirs.  Yippee!

(I would have been happy for a pan of paella as well, but since paella is a little hard to transport across the ocean and all, I think a fabulous collection of lions, such as these, actually fits the bill better.)

 photo photo2-3.jpg photo photo-4.jpg photo photo1-3.jpg photo photo3-2.jpg photo photo4-1.jpg photo photo5.jpg photo photo6.jpg photo photo7.jpg photo photo8.jpg photo photo9.jpg photo photo10.jpg photo photo11.jpg photo photo12.jpg photo photo13.jpg photo photo14.jpg
 photo photo15.jpg
This guy is actually a British, rather than a Spanish lion.
 photo photo16.jpg

Nice huh?  Thanks Lyn!

5  points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical

2 points for the name of the character who sings these words in the musical
other points awarded by whim


Doug said...

Alright right first person to comment!
My guess... Oklahoma.

Melissa Corry said...

On the Plain, In Spain!!

My Fair Lady
I think the title is The Rain in Spain
And it is sung by Eliza Doolittle and Professor Higgins

Jeri said...

IN SPAIN! my fair lady. sung by eliza and dr henry higgins

Melissa Corry said...

So I have to admit, I don't actually read the post until after I have commented from the title (which apparently today made all the difference, sorry Jeri) But after I comment and go back and read the post. I am glad I knew it or else I would be kicking myself for not reading that big ol' hint in the first line :)
These are some wonderful lions, which reminds me, I need to send you one from our trip to Hawaii. We only found one, but we also found a hybrid lion that might count for something :)

Melissa Corry said...

As to My Fair Lady . . . Audrey Hepburn plays Eliza Doolittle and Rex Harrison play Professor Henry Higgins.
Random story about My Fair Lady . . . My mother was in the play A Christmas Carol and had the part of one of the bag ladies. So she watched My Fair Lady to practice her cochne (sp?) accent quoting all of Eliza's lines when she sold flowers. She got so good at it that she was put in charge of teaching all the other cast members that needed to speak in a cochne accent so then there was a whole group of people watching My Fair Lady and quoting miss Eliza :)

Jeri said...

CURSE you dumb "type in the words to see to prove you're not a robot...." maybe I could have beat the amazing Melissa ... (sometimes their words are hard to decipher and the number are so blurry. drives me batty!

I just love audrey hepburn in this movie. such a beautiful, elegant lady! Julie Andrews is also one of my favorite people ever - and she was the one who sang it on broadway (but don't give me the point for it - I googled it. someone else can claim that point if they know if already or if the take the time to read the comments.

I love this info I found: An Oscar-winning film version was made (of my fair lady) in 1964, directed by George Cukor and with Harrison again in the part of Higgins. The casting of Audrey Hepburn instead of Julie Andrews as Eliza was controversial, partly because theatregoers regarded Andrews as perfect for the part and partly because Hepburn's singing voice had to be dubbed (by Marni Nixon). Jack Warner, the head of Warner Brothers, which produced the film, wanted "a star with a great deal of name recognition", but since Julie Andrews did not have any film experience, he thought a movie with her would not be as successful.[49] Andrews went on to star in Mary Poppins that same year and won the Oscar over Audrey Hepburn, and it later became Disney's most successful movie of all time. Lerner in particular disliked the film version of the musical, thinking it did not live up to the standards of Moss Hart's original direction. He was also unhappy that the film was shot on the Warner Brothers backlot rather than, as he would have preferred, in London.

So interesting and fitting - since so much about "outward appearances." they thought they needed a "name" to make it a great film, and Andrews didn't have that "appearance" - yet the same year she pulled it off and beat out hepburn for the oscar. you just never can tell...

Melissa Corry said...

And one last note because I find it quite serendipitous . . . I came to check the blog this morning after I put your K-1 in an envelope to mail, and it hit me . . . I wonder if Charlotte has put up a new post. So I left the K-1's and came to check and sure enough you had :) Yes, this comment is also to let you know that your K-1 is going in the mail and possibly begging for a whim point because I almost missed this post because I was so dutifully fulfilling the roll of Corry Enterprises Treasurer. (How's that for a stretch:)

Harmony said...

Do I get a point for knowing how to spell Cockney? :)

Charlotte said...

Doug gets a point for being first on the board!

Melissa sweeps it once again with 9 points. Additionally, 1 point for knowing the actors in the movie, and 1 point for the fun story about your mom. 1 more point (I oughta give you 100)for being the Corry Enterprises Treasurer so I don't have to.

Jeri--I'll give you compassion 3 points because I know how it is to have eyes that are not what they used to be. Also, I'll give you a point for writing out all those facts about Julie and Audrey. I knew them all, but I hadn't thought of them in an "outward appearance"/quality sort of way. There's a lesson in there, isn't there?

Harmony gets a point for knowing how to spell Cockney. :)

Carol said...

Okay - I totally missed out here. How about this - Audrey Hepburn got the movie role but it wasn't without controversy. Julie Andrews had played the role quite successfully on Broadway and it was viewed a slap in the face for Andrews at the time. However, it turned out to be fortuitous for Andrews as not being committed to My Fair Lady allowed her to star in The Sound of Music. I believe that the release dates of the movies put them in different contending years for Oscars. I know both won best pictures - but I think Sound of Music won more Oscars overall. However, neither Hepburn or Andrews won Best Actress.

Carol said...

whoops - I totally didn't read all the comments. Please excuse my facts - I'll have to try something else!

Mom C said...

I've shared all my Fair Lady stories other years. But I do have a few UFO stories. UFO put on My Fair Lady last summer. Vanessa Ballam was Eliza, Michael was Dolittle. They were both outstanding. But, the best part was I actually got to help make several of the hats used in the production, including some worn by Vanessa! Yes, I did!!! I've been doing a hat class for the Opera for 3 years and when Vanessa asked me last year I asked if I could come and refresh my memory on how to make those gorgeous, wonderful sweeping Fair Lady Hats. I had made Hello Dolly hats in the long ages past but nothing like that since. The costume lab was very gracious to allow me to drop in on them for a week in June. It was like being in heaven. The miliner wasn't all that pleased at first but I think she warmed to me, cause I ended up getting to do some great stuff. I was perched next to the dressing rooms and the conversations about fabrics, colors, styles,overal look, the costume designers threw around was fascinating. When I did the class in July, they let me show some of the hats from the production, which they never do (in case something gets damaged) and I got to handle and explain techniques on them. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
Funny point, the hat book I bought when I took the class at SUU (1980's)is still the hat Bible. Techniques like shaping buckram, using wood heads, covering them with tin foil, shellac, sewing wire to frame, still the same. Good hats are still handmade, with lots of handwork and fitting.

Vanessa was also Kate in Kiss Me Kate. I have become quite a fan, she is a really good actress if she can make me forget who she is and get immersed in both musicals, one after the other. I made some of the garlands.

Mom C said...

Love the lions, haven't seen the plains of Spain, although Madrid is inland. Have seen the Meditearean and walked out on the pier in Barcelona. Great trip. Wasn't looking for lions back in those days.
Have you thought what an unusual job Henry Higgins had? He was a voice coach (putting it in modern speak). He must have had family money because he moved in high society and apparently he wasn't the only voice coach because in You Did It he talks about Zoltan Karparthy, who uses the science of speech more to blackmail and swindle than teach. The Rain in Spain was a voice exercise for A's and H's. Until I saw the play (again, long ago)I thought Eliza was singing "I Could Have Danced all Night" about her triumph at the ball but she is singing about the celebration they had over her breakthrough with "The Rain in Spain". That's when she discovers she has feelings for Henry Higgins and the rest of the play is about how obtuse he is about anything and everything. I always hope she will throw the stupid slippers at him at the end but maybe after they are married she takes a firmer hold on who runs the family.
Rex Harrison was the ideal Higgins and it ruined anything else he appeared in for me. Yul Bryner was another. I couldn't get over seeing the King and I in Magnificient Seven. Can't be done. I had a bit of that problem in Les Mis with Wolverine showing up as Jean Valjean. Not as much, I thought Hugh Jackman was great. Not so much some of the others.

Mom C said...

Colonel Pickering also participates in The Rain in Spain.

Mom C said...

You can buy a copy of the movie's Ascot hat for $2000 or Eliza's "I coould have dance all night" for $1075. Or you can get a knock off for under $100 but it isn't as great.
Some ostrich feathers cost $25+ a piece. I buy seconds for about $125 a pound. They aren't as full or gorgeous, or long but you glue enough together and you can make them work. That's about $1 each for the usable ones.
Did you know you curl feathers using a curling iron? Just be careful,they scorch very easily.
One of our neighbor's daughter's husband's family tried to raise ostriches for awhile. I was able to get some feathers from her. Most of the ostrich's feathers are black or grey, only the underplumes are white. I got short, under 9" and non white. They were great for fillers, not so much for the plummie stuff. I'm about out and last time I asked, they are out of the business. Anyone know of anyone who raises ostriches any more? I got an armload of peacock feathers by way of Charlotte, by way of Eric's uncle who has peacocks that I am using up. Beverly has a rooster whose feathers she says I can have but I have to kill it. Don't think I can, and Dad says he doesn't like to, so the bird stays alive until Beverly can't take it any longer. If she has to deal with it, I probably won't get the feathers.

Mom C said...

Doug- where is Oklahoma are they talking about rain in Spain, "O What a Beautiful Morning"? Kansas City is as far away as they ever get. Except the traveling salesman but I don't think he mentions Spain. May I just say I just spent 2 exotic days at the legislature and I am unwinding here. Sorry

Charlotte said...

Carol--you get a point for effort.

Mom--Goodness! When you unwind, you really unwind! 1 point for having seen a live performance My Fair lady in the past year. 2 points for making hats that were used in the production. 1 point for having been to Spain WITH ME. 1 more point for being able to tie Hugh Jackman/Wolverine into the whole thing. One more point for enduring the legislature for two days, which has nothing to do with this, but it's rough and someone has to do it, and I'm glad it's not me.

kates said...

One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . marbles. (Just for fun :)

Charlotte said...

One point to kate for counting all the marble lions! :)

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