Monday, February 04, 2013

The Best Sandwiches West--I mean EAST of Cheese Plus in San Francisco

So, awhile back, as in, towards the first part of January, my mom was going to be in Salt Lake City for the annual convention of the Utah School Boards Association.  My father was not going to be with her, and she had a room and two beds at the Little America.  So Heather and I determined that (seeing as how we didn't get to see any Corrys over Christmas Break) we would head to Salt Lake for part of the weekend, and spend the day and night and some of the next day with her.  

However, Salt Lake City was hit with what turned out to be one of many large snowstorms on the very day that we were planning to go, and we decided that a chance for some weekend fun wasn't worth the risking of our lives this time around.  Heather was disappointed   So was I.  

Which is all a long way to introduce the following story:

Since we weren't "on vacation" in Salt Lake, we decided to do a little splurging in Logan.  I told Eric and Heather that I wanted to go out to lunch on Saturday, but I didn't much care where we went.  Eric was mulling over a few ideas, when about five minutes later, Heather piped up, asking if we could please go to the place that has the really good sandwiches, the place that daddy goes to when he is at work?

Eric and I were completely stumped.  Really good sandwiches?  A place daddy goes when he's working? We scanned our brains for Smithfield sandwich shops and came up empty. I asked about Subway, and Heather said no.  A few other options, also met with a negative response.

And then, I remembered how last Valentines day, (as in like a year ago) Heather and I had met Eric and his dad at Logan's Heroes for our traditional Valentine lunch. Eric and Wayne had come from work, and it was the place where there are really good sandwiches.  It was as good a guess as any.  We decided that we'd try it, see if it rang any bells, and if it didn't, well, at least we were well posed for a delicious sandwich or two.

So, you can imagine my joy, amusement, and happiness when as the three of us walked in the (somewhat ghetto) back door, Heather took one whiff of the store and happily exclaimed, "This is the place!  It smells just like the place I was talking about!!"

"that place where we go when Daddy has to work with really good sandwiches"  "and salty chips"  "Oh, this is the right smell!  We are in the right place!"

I'll say one thing for our girl.  She knows a good sandwich when she tastes (or smells) it.

(Get the Roger's Special. I used to be a Spicy Italian girl until Eric persuaded me to try the Roger's Special.  Yumma, yumma, I'll never go back.)


Harmony said...

Don't you mean east of San Fran? :)

Charlotte said...

Ah yes. I'm forever getting my easts and my wests confused. I'm still under the impression at times that Salt Lake City is north of me, from my times in Cedar.

Mom C said...

That's a great tale. I read the title, thought about it for a minute and, in my head, said that's right! I guess you come by it naturally since I still have to sort out which is north and south in Cedar. Mine comes from living on a hill in SL where north was up hill and south was down. In Cedar we have always lived on a hill where south is up and north is down and I'm too hardwired to wrap my head around that without having to figure it out each time.

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