Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Midwinter Musical Madness--Are you ready?

So, it's Midwinter!  It's time to once again begin the funniest thing we do here in quirksville!

Yes folks, I'm talking about Midwinter Musical Madness.  We start the next time I post something here.

Here's how it's going to go down this year:

1--I'll write a blog post and title it using a phrase from a song in a Broadway musical.

2--Players will receive a named amount of points for being able to correctly identify the name of the song, the name of the musical, and at times other facts. The players must arrive at their guesses by consulting their own memories, or, if they happen to have access to an actual paper library of musicals, they can use that as well.  They may not use search engines or other technological miracles to help them on their way.

3--Players may also vie for points that will be give "by whim"

4--I haven't determined prizes yet.  Naturally bragging rights, your mug on the sidebar here, and the warm feeling that you'll get from helping a bunch of people get through the doldrums of cold February.  But, will there be more?  Maybe.  Let's be honest though--what you really want is the bragging rights.  It's all about the bragging rights here.

And now for some helpful hints:

a.  In the event that a musical/song combination is too difficult for players to guess, there will probably be hints given, followed by the opportunity to play for a reduced amount of points.  So, when you think you don't know what the answer is, you might want to hold off on checking search engines, allowing you to play along in round 2, should there be a round 2.

b.  Speaking of rounds, there will almost certainly be a lightning round.

c.  A word to the wise--for the past few years, there has been one player who has offered up a literary gem right at the end of the game, securing for herself a large amount of "whim" points, and often nearly winning it all because of it. If you are not this player, you might want to keep that in mind and either 1)start working on a literary gem of your own, or 2)put together a really big lead along the way, so that you can't be 'out-kicked' at the end, or 3)resign yourself to possibly being 'out-kicked' at the end.

And there you have it.  If you're still lost, feel free to click on the midwinter musical madness label, and you can see the transcripts if you will, of our past matches.

Good luck, and see y'all soon!


Harmony said...

Feeling flattered and excited! "Literary gem," really? :)

Charlotte said...

Oh, you better believe it! gemlike as a gem can be!

Mom C said...

I feel ready, oh so ready. It's amazing how ready I am. Although we'll be in Bozeman all weekend.

Mom C said...

I meant how ready I feel. Oh well.

kates said...

Oh Charlotte, you are never a disappointment to your blog title, or to me.

Jeri said...

Man - your mom is going for WHIM points already.... she is competitive one, she is!

Jake said...

Nice, mom is in MT, Melissa is in Hawaii. This competition is rigged.

Charlotte said...

We all know that this competition is all about the lightning round, and by the time we have that (sometime between the 5 and 12 of March probably), both mom and Melissa should be back home.

Ya big whiner!

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