Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And (s)he showed me things many beautiful things, that I hadn't thought to explore

(Just in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form.  Sometimes, I just like sharing stuff I like.)

quirky 2-13 photo 2013-1-January2.jpg

Love these.  The perfect way to keep our bathrooms (and Marilee's kitty litter room) smelling nice.  Also the perfect way to find my way around the bathroom in the middle of the night, seeing as how actually turning on the bathroom light invariably wakes me up to the point that it takes me a good 30 minutes to fall back asleep again.

Love these.  No heartburn over stained clothing, and hours (okay--minutes) of creative fun for the younger set.  Win/Win!

I think this is self-explanatory.  I was in a Bosch family, growing up.  Then one day many many years ago, my roommate Lyn (I think it was Lyn right Heidi?  Or was it you?) introduced me to the marvel that is a KitchenAid Mixer.  My life would never be the same.

 photo IMG_2280.jpg
After enduring mornings of tears from Heather and frustrated sighs (and frustrated words) from me, Eric discovered this and gave it to me for my birthday last year.  It's a winning gift if I ever saw one.  Doing hair now takes a little bit longer (the brush isn't as thorough on the first time through as a regular brush is), but the tears have gone waaaay down.  I'll take it.

 photo IMG_2278.jpg
We got this for Heather for Christmas.  It's our new favorite family game (beating out Memory).  It says it's for age 6, but as long as we're prepared to help Heather out here and there, she does just fine.

5  points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical

2 points for the name of the character who sings these words in the musical
other points awarded by whim


Harmony said...

Stab in the dark, just so I can be first--Secret Garden?

Charlotte said...

Incorrect--but here's a point for being first!

Mom C said...

I've been listening to the new (to me) Peter Pan books. Those words sound all dark and mysterious, the way I feel about those books. USF is putting on Peter Pan and the Star Catchers, the musical this summer. Could be very interesting. I know it isn't from Fiddler or Joseph so you haven't been listening to them all day at UFOMT.
Can I just say how much we like the Bean Brush. After seeing hos it tamed Heather I got one for each family. And one for here. Even Jane's looooong hair brushes easier! You should have heard me asking the clerk at Bed, Bath and Beyond for them though. I didn't know what they were called and he was looking at bathtub brushes, toilet bowl brushes, toothbrushes. Finally, he showed me to the hair brushes and suggested I order on line. I found them though, and brought out their supply. Great suggestion!

Melissa Corry said...

This is from Into the Woods Song Title I Know Things Now sung by Little Red Riding Hood (does she have an actual name??) Musical written by Stephen Sondhiem

Melissa Corry said...

Bernadette Peters played the Witch and Joanna Gleason played the bakers wife.

I have this on VHS and since we haven't had a VHS player for several years it has been some time since I have watched it.

But, on the airplane, I was watching an old episode of Glee and they said that "Giant's in the Sky" is one of the hardest male solos. I tend to disagree, what do you think??

And speaking of Giant's in the Sky, what do you think of this new Jack and the Beanstalk movie, Jacob and I are not that interested so I am wondering what everyone has heard and if it is good or not

Harmony said...

Melissa strikes again! You must be glad that a few people try to get points honestly. :)

I recently discovered a beautiful thing that I hadn't thought to explore before. Jeff and I have somehow become radio geeks over the years (or connoisseurs, if you prefer). However, FM reception of our favorite NPR stations has been lousy and was driving us a little crazy. Hoping to solve this problem, I started looking into HD radio several months ago. I discovered that HD is really only available in vehicles--of course, since that is not where we have reception issues. Serendipitously, however, I stumbled on an advertisement for the UE SmartRadio ( I did a little research, read a few reviews, and ended up buying one for Jeff for Christmas. I love my husband's Christmas present! It's an Internet radio receiver that works through our WiFi--great reception! And we can stream not only our favorite NPR stations, but Pandora, Spotify, and radio stations and shows from all over the world, including...showtunes channels--all showtunes, all the time! I don't know if it will help me much with this quirky game, but I was excited to discover it and tell my MMM friends about it. :)

Doug said...

As I did a few years ago when this play was featured in MMM, I will attempt to get a point by reminding you that I have been in one play in my entire life, Mrs Millers seventh grade production of "Into the Woods" in which I played the part of the Baker. The play was adapted for our age and was about 40 mins long. There was no singing, however there was lip sinking and dancing.

Carol said...

Can I get a whim point for being a nerd and pointing out that lip sinking is not any thing I am familiar with - but lip synching is?!

Carol said...

Doug - please don't take offense. I'm just desperate for a point here!

Charlotte said...

Mom, I'll give you a point for that information on the Peter Pan books, though the relation to the title is tangental at best. The whims are with you, apparently. Another point for spreading the love of the bean brush--and now I know that if we forget ours while we're visiting, you've got us covered. Whew! 2 points

Melissa: I KNEW you'd come through for us! You sweep the non-whim points with 9, another point for composer, another point for cast members. As to Glee and Giants in the Sky, I bet it is quite difficult, actually--just because in parts it goes from one register to the other really quickly and over and over and over again. Doing that and having it sound good is hard. But harder than something like "The impossible dream?" I don't know.

I haven't heard anything about the Jack and the Beanstalk movie. I generally shy away from fairy tale movies for some reason, but I am LOVING "Once" on television, so maybe I should give them a try?

Anyway: 11 points. (NICE WORK!)

Gotta run for a minute--I'll be back in a bit to award more points.

Carol said...

Okay - one more thing. Charlotte if you can you should get a pasta making attachment for your Kitchen Aid. It is totally fun and totally easy! Homemade pasta reigns at our house now and I am loving knowing exactly what has gone into my pasta and how it tastes. If I use spinach or tomatoes to make my pasta - I know the quality of those ingredients. I think it is costly (it was a gift) - but well worth it! It is so much easier to make pasta now that I don't hesitate to make fresh pasta on a busy night when spaghetti is the go to meal for those crazy days.

Jake said...

I'm so disappointed that Carol got to make fun of Doug before me, but I appreciate that she did. Just for the record my kids lip sink all the time. Kami is exceptionally good at it. Sometimes they add a little lip quiver to the lip sink.

We are a kitchen aid family and Melissa wants a bosch. Until she starts making the cookies or baking more bread we will stick with my beloved kitchen Aid.

Charlotte said...

Harmony--1 point for the UE Smart Radio tip

Doug-2 points for being a PERFORMER in this musical. Was Maegan by chance in this production as well?

Carol-1 point for beating Jacob to the punch and keeping Doug in check. No points for the spaghetti attachment tip, but thanks all the same!

Jake-1 point for the mental image of Kami lip sinking. I sense a cousin skit in the future. I wonder if Eric would be up for an eggstravaganza visit this year. Hmmm. . .

I'm curious as to why Melissa is set on a Bosch. Do they handle more dough, etc. than a kitchen aid? I never liked cleaning the Bosch, and I like the feel of metal vs the plastic of our Bosch growing up. Is that just me?

Melissa Corry said...

The Kitchen Aid that we have can only do 2 loafs of bread at a time where as my moms bosch can do 4 loafs. Same with cookies and doing multiple batches at a time. Also, my bread dough will often get wrapped around the hook up where it attaches to the machine leaving all kinds of nasty black stuff on my dough.

But I agree to liking the metal better and that it is easier to clean. Maybe I need to get a bigger industrial size kitchen aid and then it would be a win win.

Doug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doug said...

Well I need to apologize four my previous comment. Eye allowed myself to rush threw said comment while I was in between patience. I'm embarrassed by my air. I guess this just goes to show that you can't take these things for granite.

I had to delete my previous comment because I realized I forgot to answer your question. Maegan was not in this play as she did not have June Miller as her core teacher

Charlotte said...

Doug--I love you! One point for EACH misspelled homonym--for seven big ones. The whims are obviously with you today.

Melissa--I was wondering if it was a "amount of goods" issue. The Kitchenaid works great for our family of three--however if we were a family of seven, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't really meet our needs (which is probably why mom had a Bosch, come to that.) I'll give you a point as well, just for whim-ness.

Harmony said...

I think it depends on the size of the Kitchenaid. I love mine, but it's one of the larger sizes. I can do a double-batch of chocolate chip cookies in it easily. I haven't tried the pasta attachment yet, but I love the wheat grinder attachment, and the ice cream maker attachment that my in-laws gave me for Christmas. MMM.

I woke up from an unintentional nap yesterday thinking about this post. Into the Woods is a musical adaptation of a fairytale. In my free time lately I've been enjoying novelized adaptations of fairytales--specifically those by Shannon Hale, Mette Ivie, and Jessica Day George. Just in case you are looking for something to read. Shannon Hale's books are my favorite of those three, but Mette Ivie lived in my freshmen dorm at BYU, so I claim that as some miniscule brush with fame.

Charlotte said...

I'm actually saving for a wheat grinder attachment. I put it on our registry for our wedding, but no one gave it to us (no big shocker, considering that it's over $100). We could have used wedding money for it, but we (I) decided to get a vacuum cleaner and a honeymoon instead. I have no regrets about that decision. (We do have a hand-grinder that we got with Hunter-Cowan wedding credit, and it's down in our crawl space with our numerous cans of wheat. So, if electricity fails and grocery stores run dry, we can grind and grind and grind away.)

Anyway--Harmony, I'll give you a point for the book recommendations. Love them! And another point for living in the same dorm as an author celebrity. :)

Harmony said...

When we bought our hand grinder-- thinking that would be wise to go with our wheat--the sales guy at Blend-Tec tried to sell us a more expensive electric one by claiming that we would burn more calories grinding wheat by hand than we would gain from eating the flour we had ground. That sounded fishy to me, but I really think it's a moot point if the power's out. I like having both kinds now, plus the 4th graders at our elementary school benefit from using our hand grinder when they do their Pioneer Day for Utah history. An electric one just wouldn't cut it for that!

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