Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Thwarted Christmas Plans--Chapter 3 (and final): Post Christmas

Everything fell apart on December 26.  I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck.  Heather woke up whining.  Eric was even worse off than Heather and I.  (He didn't make it out of bed until 5 p.m., at which point he made it down to the couch for two hours, and then returned to bed.)  We spent the day moaning, groaning, coughing, sleeping, aching, fevering, etc.  I did make it out of the house three times, once for a prescription, once for Little Caesar's pizza and soda (we had to eat you know) and once for cough syrup.  All three times it took every bit of energy I had to make it out the door and then back in.

It was rough. Not as rough as some people had/have it, but rough for us for sure.

So, that was the 26th.  I had the 27th through the 2nd off from work, and it took me about that long to get fully recovered. Needless to say, we did not head down to Cedar City as previously planned.

We did manage to make it out the door on New Years Eve for a little 12:00 dinner celebration.  Sure, it was 12:00 noon, not 12:00 midnight, but making it out of the house was such a big occasion that we didn't bother to quibble about times.

Luckily, as we were laying around the house, riding the roller coaster of flu and cold, and being under our self-inflicted quarantine, Heather and I had some time to do a few relaxing things as well.


I did eventually venture out to one or two after Christmas sales.


All in all, it was not my favorite Christmas break, obviously.  Luckily, in a little stroke of holiday irony, it may very well have turned out to be the best time of Heather's short life. She got feeling better about five days sooner than I, and a week or two sooner than Eric.  So, for seven fabulous days, there were no errands to run, no jobs to do, no aunts/uncles/grandparents or cousins to compete with for parental attention.  In fact, there was nothing but sitting around, chillin' with mom and dad, who (gloriously) are her favorite people in the world right now.  She was happy as a clam, in absolute heaven.  When I look back on this holiday, that's what I'm going to try to remember.


highdeekay said...

stated with the Charlotte charm and optimism we all know and love!

btw, if you are ever (I mean EVER) in need of food or cough syrup or tissues or whatever, please PLEASE don't hesitate to text or call.

love ya!

Mom C said...

Shades of Grandma Willis! I cannot smell Narcissas without thinking of her. Glad you're all feeling better.

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