Monday, December 03, 2012

spheres of breakfastical deliciousness

Not long ago, I was finally able to cross something off my list.  Whew!

Let's back up a bit though, shall we?

When I was little, I spent a week at my grandma's house with my brother while my parents were on vacation.  While we were there, grandma (who was an awesome cook) made us these delightfully delicious and unique ball-shaped pancakes.  She called them ebelskivers.  I was entranced.

When I tried to explain them to my mom, she knew just what I meant.  Unfortunately making ebelskivers required a special ebeskiver pan, and we didn't have one.  WELL, guess what Grandma Corry just happened to give to us for Christmas that year?  You got it, an ebelskiver pan and an ebelskiver recipe.  Thus began several years of ebelskiver joy.

Then I moved away, and forgot all about these fine pancakes.  Until my Grandmother (Willis, NOT Corry) passed away, many years ago.  During the time when all the aunts and uncles and cousins were looking over the goods, it turned out that there was a ebelskiver pan that was up for grabs.  No one wanted it, and so I was able to have it for myself.  I took it home and promptly put it in a box somewhere, where it was forgotten for many years.

Until recently.  

Witness, the inaugural ebelskiver breakfast in the Cantwell home!


Another appearance by one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. 

The famed pan





I like to think that both my grandmothers are proud of me right now.  Handing down the tradition and all, you know?


Aubrey said...

Mm, we make them too! Also delicious with apple pieces (I guess that's one authentic variation?). I guess I need to pull out the pan now!

Harmony said...

Your ebelskivers look great! That tradition has been handed down from Jeff's Danish ancestors as well. We inherited a pan several years ago also, then bought another so we could make more at one time!

Juliana said...

I love those! Haven't had them since I was a kid. Grandma must have given us the same Christmas present. I need to get an evelskiver pan, and then I'll be back on your blog for the recipe.

Nate said...

Jeff and I used to have contests to see who could eat the most. My dad would have to make a triple batch just to keep up. We would eat 40 or 50 each! (Jeff would always win)

Mom C said...

And so is your momma. I need to get a lighter pan, the cast iron one I have now is a pain to use. And the last time I made ebelskivers was shortly after we remodeled. I always used fondue forks or bamboo skewers to turn them. I couldn't find either anywhere and had to turn them with a fork. They were a mess but the grandkids liked them anyway.

kates said...

I love your super clever description of ebelskivers--spheres of breakfastical delicousness! Who thinks of that? You do, and that is why I am here! I bought an ebelskiver pan for Jared one father's day, just because I saw it and thought he would be intrigued. The girls LOVE ebelskivers! It's surprising how many readers you have that make them.

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