Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rocky Mountain Wildlife

These were too good not to share.  They do tend to paint me in a light that would indicate that I am more simple-minded than I am, but I trust that by now you all know that I am actually a GENIUS, and much much smarter than the likes of that Eric guy.  So, I can post these words here, confident that we all know that they were isolated experiences, and certainly not indicative of the level of my great wisdom and knowledge.


SCENE:  The living/dining room.  Charlotte and Eric are working away on their respective computers, Charlotte blogging, Eric designing some robot or something.

Charlotte:  Hey, what mountains do we live in?  What are they called?

Eric stares, dumbfounded.

Charlotte:  I mean, is it the Rocky Mountains or the Wasatch Mountains or something else?

Eric Rolling his eyes (lovingly, not cruelly):  Uh, it's both.

Charlotte:  So, we do live in the Rocky Mountains, right?  They aren't just in Colorado?

Eric (smiling patiently and a little incredulously):  Uh, yes.  We live in the Rocky Mountains.

Charlotte:  So, if I write "I live in the valleys of the Rocky Mountains", that's the truth right?  I mean, I just keep thinking about John Denver and that song of his, "Rocky Mountain High", and you know, he was all about Colorado.  I just don't want to look stupid or something, writing that I live in mountains where I don't really live, you know?

Eric:  No, you're okay to write that.  We live in the Rocky Mountains.  It's a huge mountain range and it's in Colorado and here too.

Charlotte:  Okay then.

*Good thing I didn't do anything to make myself look stupid, right?  I mean, how silly would that be if I let the whole world know that I'm not sure what mountains are mine.  Whew!  That was a near miss!  (To be fair, geography has never been my strong suit.)


* * *


SCENE:  The kitchen.  Charlotte, Eric and Heather are eating a grab-n-go breakfast of toast (me and Heather) and cereal (Eric) before rushing out the door to start the day.

Charlotte:  Hey, you should check out the blog today.  I've got a post up about the shortbread cookies.

Eric:  Oh yeah?

Charlotte:  Yeah, and I've titled it "Eric says these are as good as Katie's" 'cuz remember that time when I made cookies before and you went on and on about how good Katie's were and how they were better than mine, and it bugged me?

Eric frantically searches his memory for a way to change the subject.

Eric:  You know what picture is my favorite from what you've got posted there now?

Charlotte (so so so easily distracted, and pleased that Eric has actually looked at the blog so recently):  You mean the Thanksgiving pictures?

Eric:  Yeah--it's the one of Bob.  He looks like a wild animal that's been trapped and domesticated.  It totally cracks me up.

quirky 12-12


rocky mountain sheep image courtesy of NDomer73


Heather Albee-Scott said...

These had me laughing out loud Charlotte!! I often ask Steve questions that have him looking at me like, "Can someone really be that ignorant on matters that directly pertain to one's life?!" I didn't always feel comfortable asking them early on in our relationship, so I had to save them up, which means I can hit him up with at least one day now.

Also, the photo is hilarious when seen the way Eric describes.

Great post!

kates said...

Okay, that truly made me laugh out loud. I can't even decide which part is the best! Wasn't there supposed to be a random photo posted here....I guess that goat does seem quite random.

Aubrey said...

FUNNIEST post I've read all week. Oh, my life would be so serious without the Cantwells.

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